How to Scale Up Your Team During Increased Summer Production


Traditionally viewed as the most leisurely season of the year, summer is anything but lazy in this industry! Sunny skies and warm temperatures make these months the busiest for construction. Is your team prepared for the workload? As one of the top architecture, engineering, and construction employment agencies, RealStreet understands the importance of having a roster filled with top talent. Find out how our employee leasing solutions can benefit your organization.

Four Benefits of Employee Leasing With RealStreet

1. Reduce Overtime Expenses

Issues arise on construction projects, often causing the need for long hours on a job site. These unforeseen issues quickly become costly when overtime pay is factored in, as the Fair Labor Standards Act requires you to pay non-exempt employees time-and-a-half for all hours worked over 40 in a workweek. Seasonal overtime expenses, as well as the costs associated with overworked and disgruntled employees, can be avoided with temporary employment solutions. Our leased employees can fill project-specific skills gaps and/or augment your team when projects or overall workloads demand more employees in order to complete tasks effectively.

2. Meet Project Deadlines

As noted above, the unexpected can be expected on a construction site. Aside from unforeseen deviations from the original plan, being short-staffed is often the cause of project delays. Extending deadlines and going over budget is extremely detrimental to a company’s image. Establish and improve upon good customer relationships by leasing employees as demand increases in order to meet or exceed work quality and schedule expectations.

3. Lower Payroll Costs

While summer’s high workload has created a need for additional talent, you know it is likely to fluctuate as the seasons change. Hiring internally increases HR workloads, payroll, benefits and unemployment expenses as well as turnover rates due to layoffs. Leasing RealStreet employees decreases costs, reduces risk and provides more flexibility.

4. Feel Confident in the Quality of Workers

When hiring seasonal employees in a pinch, you may be inclined to hire the first seemingly qualified person in order to fill the gap as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if the person was not a match (whether from lacking skills, experience or cultural compatibility) it could be extremely detrimental to your project’s completion and your teams’ overall satisfaction. An unqualified employee could impair progress, increase the workload of others (as they are left picking up the slack) and eventually cause dissatisfaction within your team.  RealStreet carefully screens all candidates to ensure they are a true match, enabling your team to complete projects on time and under budget.

Hire Summer Staff With Confidence

Don’t wait until your team is overworked and your projects fall behind schedule. Partner with RealStreet to fill your architecture, engineering or construction roster with top talent. Whether you need lease, lease-to-hire or direct hire candidates, our team is here to connect you with the best professionals available. Contact us today to learn more!

After a string of failures trying to find the right person on our own, RealStreet came through for us. The first person they recommended was the person we’d been looking for all along. It doesn’t get better than that.

Joshua A. Woolley

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