Construction Firms Are Hiring! Are You Positioning Yourself Well When Applying to Jobs?


The summer season provides warmer weather and longer days. With that, an influx in construction jobs! If you are interested in a new gig, this is a fantastic time to make a move. As a talented professional, you have a lot to offer any employer, but you need to put your best self forward. Competition can be intense for the most prestigious construction jobs. Sourcing and hiring skilled workers, such as yourself, is a top priority for managers. Use the following four tips to get noticed by top employers and enable confidence that you are the right choice.

Four Ways to Position Yourself as a Great Construction Hire

1. Submit a Competitive Resume

Top construction jobs often receive an abundance of resumes. To ensure your resume not only catches the hiring manager’s eye, but also garners their ongoing interest, it needs to stand out from the competition while highlighting your fit for the job. Create a more compelling resume by

Tailor Content: While it takes a little extra time, adjust the content of your resume to fit each opportunity. Showcase your relevant skills and experiences by reviewing the job description to understand exactly what the employer is looking for and by researching the company.

Quantify Experience: When possible, quantify your accomplishments to highlight the scope of your work and the depth of your talent.

Review Everything: Carefully proofread your resume to make sure it’s free of spelling and grammatical errors (remember, spellcheck does not catch everything) and that you are accurately conveying your desired message.  To further ensure your resume is compelling and error-free, enlist the help of others when proofing your resume. While reviewing, they may be able to provide helpful feedback, ask pertinent questions and catch errors you missed (often due to spellcheck/grammar check oversights and because you know the intended verbiage and your brain filled in the gaps).

2. Polish Your Professional Look

Construction job sites are a place for function, not fashion, but that does not mean you should show up to an interview in everyday work clothes. First impressions mean a lot, so dress nicely for the occasion. The general rule of job interview attire is to dress one step above the company standard, so if it is a jeans and t-shirt kind of place, wear business casual. This shows respect to the hiring manager and makes it clear you are serious about the job.

3. Present Yourself as a Team Player

The construction industry is not the place for those who prefer to work alone. Even positions with tasks that can be completed individually often require interaction from others on a team. You will be asked a variety of questions about your penchant for teamwork during the interview, so prepare responses in advance. Be ready for questions such as “What do you think it takes for a team to function properly?” and “How do you handle conflict with colleagues?”.

4. Display Enthusiasm for the Job

No one wants to hire a disinterested candidate. Make it clear you want this specific construction job by researching the company. Ask questions about the position and company, and explain why you are interested in this opportunity. Remember to smile throughout the interview as well, as enthusiasm can make a significant difference in the way you are perceived during a job interview.

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