Reaching Your Breaking Point? Here’s How to Reduce Your Stress Levels… NOW!


Perpetually overworked? Take heed, you may be at risk of burnout. If stress at work has been keeping you at the office for long hours, affecting your mood and impacting your sleep, something has to give. Whether you have too much on your plate or you lack the tools or knowledge to get the job done, you must recognize the signs and address it before it becomes an even bigger problem.

While you might want to do it all, everyone has limits. Don’t push yourself to your breaking point. Instead, make a change for the better with the following four tips.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels

1. Ask for Help

Talk to your boss if you have more work than you can reasonably handle. Every level-headed manager understands that quality will suffer if you don’t have enough time to spend on each assignment. It’s much more respectable to admit you need help than trying to do it all on your own and failing. If you neglect to speak up, your manager will likely have no idea your workload has spun out of control.

2. Set Boundaries

If you have reached your breaking point, scale back a bit. Stop taking on more work than you can accomplish during a standard eight-hour workday. Maximize your time at the office by pushing back on meetings you do not need to attend and only checking messages a few times per day so you can accomplish more. Guard your personal time by telling colleagues not to contact you after hours unless something is a true emergency.

3. Take Better Care of Yourself

When you are stressed out, bad habits form easily. Take a look at your current patterns and vow to ditch those making you feel even worse. Put yourself first for a change and take control of your well-being. Make time in your day to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep, because stress is much easier to manage when you feel alert and energetic.

4. Find a Way to Channel Stress

There is only so much you can do about external factors causing you stress, but you can control the way they impact you. Having a healthy outlet to channel anxiety can make a positive impact on your life. Anything from going for a long run to playing fetch with your dog works, as long as the activity allows you to leave the pressures of the office at work and you allow yourself to unwind.

Enjoy a Sense of Balance

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