Use This Holiday Season to Find a Job in the New Year


Many job seekers assume that the holiday season is a bad time to begin a search, even though they hope to take on a new role in the coming year. On the contrary, the holidays are an excellent time to begin the process! If you’re considering a change, make the most of this time in order to have a more efficient and effective job in the new year!

3 Tips to Jump Start your January Job Search During the Holidays

1. Make the Most of Networking Opportunities

Parties, get-togethers, and other celebrations are a staple aspect of the holiday season. While most people focus on those with friends and family, companies and professional organizations often host events as well. Make a point to attend these events and to mingle, as they serve as exceptional networking opportunities. After all, people tend to be more relaxed and sociable at holiday gatherings than they would be during a typical day at the office.

Maintain your current network by catching up with colleagues and industry associates, but don’t forget to grow your network as well. Have an elevator pitch prepared in case the topic of your current work situation or career goals comes up in conversation, but do your best to avoid making the conversation about how they can help you. After all, this is a social event, not a job fair. These individuals will be more inclined to help, and less likely to perceive it as an inconvenience or professional risk, once the two of you have developed a rapport.

If the addition of holiday gatherings to your schedule leaves you feeling stretched thin, take time to first evaluate each event for its potential. Focus on those that can help you the most in your current job search as well as throughout your career. A respectable, professional network is extremely valuable. Do not miss out on these great opportunities to develop yours!

2. Engage with Hiring Professionals

If you have applied to or interviewed for a position recently, touch base with the recruiter or hiring manager. Wish them the best, be social but also use the opportunity to to nonchalantly inquire about your current standing. The process simply may be moving slowly due to time of year. Even if they can not provide you with definitive answers, they may be able to provide you with feedback or updated information about that job or any new positions. At the very least, they will be reminded of your ongoing interest, persistence and professionalism.

3. Use Time Off Wisely

Many professionals take time off during the holiday season. Depending on your vacation history and how your office functions, the holidays might provide inconspicuous opportunities to utilize some of your time off to manage your job search. Try to make the most of it by working on time-consuming tasks, such as establishing a strategy, cleaning up and/or building up your online presence and updating your resume, or by going on job search related appointments which typically can not be scheduled due to timing conflicts with your current role.

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