A Look into the Top 3 Job Seeker Articles from 2017


The year-end provides the perfect opportunity to review past efforts and share successes. As a leading architecture, engineering and construction recruitment firm, we have recapped our top three job search related articles from 2017 in the hopes they support your efforts in the new year. Here is a quick look at what each article has to offer.

The Top Three Job Seeker Articles of 2017

1. How to Get Noticed by Companies When Searching for a New Job

A job search can be a high-stress, energy-intensive process, particularly when you need to stand out in a crowd of other potentially qualified applicants. Often, this means more than simply updating your resume and searching job boards for opportunities.

Catching the attention of a hiring manager can be tricky business, particularly when you only have limited information about what they are hoping to find, as can occur when a vacancy announcement is short, or certain details about the role are not disclosed. Additionally, if the job description is thorough, other savvy job seekers have access to, at a minimum, the same level of detail.

As discussed in the article “How to Get Noticed by Companies When Searching for a New Job,” there are methods that can help you establish yourself as a top candidate. The piece discusses five techniques designed to facilitate positive results, even for coveted positions where the competition is fierce.

2. Improve the Impact of Your Resume to Get More Interviews

Your resume plays a significant role in your job search activities, as a subpar resume can lead your application to be discarded well before it is fully considered by a hiring manager. This is especially true when automated screening software is used, as resumes that do not speak to all of the job requirements effectively will be removed from contention before ever being seen by a person.

Since your resume typically functions as your first impression on the potential employer, it needs to catch the hiring manager’s attention from the beginning. Only then will you be invited in to interview for the role, giving yourself a chance to sell your merits in person.

Improve the Impact of Your Resume to Get More Interviews” is a piece that five important aspects of a stellar resume. By incorporating the recommendations into your application, you have a better chance of making a positive first impression on the hiring manager and being selected for an interview.

3. Conflict Resolution – How to Respond to a Coworker Who Truly Gets on Your Last Nerve

Nearly everyone will encounter a coworker who rubs them the wrong way. Often, professionals feel powerless in the situations as they rarely have any say in regards to who else is assigned to their team. But failing to address interpersonal conflicts can yield devastating results, especially if you work with the individual frequently.

To help you navigate these situations, “Conflict Resolution – How to Respond to a Coworker Who Truly Gets on Your Last Nerve,” provides you with techniques for resolving and mitigating the issue, helping to restore a sense of peace to your workplace.

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