Are You Showcasing Your Soft Skills in Interviews?


When it comes to interviews, most candidates put an emphasis on their hard skills. While they are a vital part of a resume, as they demonstrate technical expertise, the interviewer already has that information. At this stage, you have already been screened. You and every other candidate they are interviewing for the job have the desired skills. A deeper understanding about how you applied various soft skills to achieve past successes can reinforce the claims made on your resume, provide assurance of your capabilities moving forward and set you apart from the crowd.

Transferable Soft Skills Can Help Set You Apart from the Competition During an Interview

Companies will look at candidates’ soft skills when evaluating potential cultural fit. They also factor in soft skills when deciding between two otherwise equal individuals and when determining whether a candidate who lacks a particular qualification can get up to speed quickly if hired. If you are wondering which soft skills you should showcase during an interview, consider the following.

Examples of Transferable Soft Skills

Since soft skills often correlate to personality traits – such as your attitude on the job and how you approach various forms of work – many of them are highly transferable. They can serve you well from one position to the next, so they shouldn’t be left out. Highly coveted soft skills include:

  • Communication is one of the most desirable skills for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals. After all, the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms ensures everyone involved on a project is well-informed, one the same page and able to understand one another.
  • Teamwork is highly valuable, as many professionals in the AEC fields work with others to accomplish a shared goal. Being able to work effectively with others while maintaining productive professional relationships, is crucial to each project’s success.
  • Adaptability is also valued by most employers, as circumstances surrounding a project are vital and things do not always go as planned. This skill shows that you can evaluate changing situations and find alternate solutions whenever the need arises, ensuring the project can move forward in the face of challenges.
  • Problem-solving skills are incredibly desirable, as problems often arise on projects and job sites. The ability to think critically, help others and provide potential solutions when trouble arises is invaluable on the job.
  • Leadership skills are extremely appealing to hiring managers. Companies want individuals who will step up to a challenge when needed, take initiative, be a positive influence and provide guidance to those in need.

Before an Interview Identify Relevant Soft Skills

A soft skill is only valuable if it can be related to the role, so being able to explain why that is the case is a necessity. Luckily, soft skills are highly transferable, being relevant to nearly any architecture, engineering, or construction position a person could hope to land, so making the connection usually is not difficult. Integrating information about your soft skills into your interview can be an excellent method for establishing yourself as a top candidate, so make sure to include these details along with relevant information about your technical expertise.

Prepare Examples to Share During the Interview

During an interview, expand upon your resume with stories that can back up any claim. with an example based on your previous experience, including those related to your soft skills. Be able to describe each situation, incorporating quantifiable details whenever possible, and how your soft skills helped you find achieve success. This approach allows the hiring manager to see what you can offer the company and how it applies to real-world scenarios, creating much-needed context and validating your perspective.

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