Creating a Career Strategy: How to Break Down Your Career Goals by Tactics and Benchmarks


Aspiring professionals look to the future. They have a destination – well beyond where they are today – in mind. While having long-term goals is a great start for overall success, they are only helpful if you can create actionable steps that will propel you towards the desired outcomes.

Three Tips to Establish the Tactics to You Need to Take to Tackle Your Career Strategy

Trying to reach a significant goal without first breaking it down into monthly tactics and benchmarks can make the idea of striking the target seem nearly impossible. After all, without a step-by-step process, it resembles a giant leap down your career path, like trying to jump from A to Z in the alphabet. Luckily, nearly any goal can be broken down with a little bit of effort. Here is how to get started.

1. Begin With the Big Steps

Instead of jumping into small action items, it is easier to create an overview of the steps that need to be accomplished to get you where you would like to be. For example, if you are in an entry-level position now, but would like to be a construction manager in the future, an excellent starting point is to identify the handful of job titles that traditionally fall between the two.

Often, you can gather some of these details (if you do not already know the roles that fall into a standard career path) online through a variety of career-oriented resources. This allows you to begin mapping how most people reach your desired destination, serving as a template for your potential career.

2. Review Job Descriptions to Fill In Details

After the job titles have been identified, you can use job descriptions for these roles to fill in the gaps. What you need to focus on are the experience level and skill requirements that accompany these positions. When you understand what is commonly requested of these professionals, you can use that information to identify skills and experiences you need to acquire that will allow you to take the next step toward your goal.

3. Identify Tactics and Benchmarks

At this point, you should know what competencies are required to pursue each position along your career path. Now, you can focus on actionable items that you can start doing to acquire the needed skills and experience. While certain time-oriented requirements, like a specific number of years in the larger architecture, engineering or construction field, might not result in definitive to-dos, skill acquisition is under your control.

Identify each skill you need and determine what options are available for acquiring them. For example, do you need to take a class or training seminar? Can someone, like a mentor or supervisor, teach it to you on the job? Once you figure out what it takes to gain each competency, use these details to create action items and benchmarks. In some cases, the to-do may feel particularly small, like contacting a local college about enrolling in a course or scheduling a meeting with a potential mentor, but that doesn’t mean they are not incredibly relevant parts of the journey.

Once you have the tasks associated with each skill identified, you can begin adding them to your schedule. With smaller to-dos, like those mentioned above, you do not have to limit yourself to a single action item on a monthly basis. The idea is to use those details as a guide, allowing you to craft a reasonable timeline for each step along the path of success. Then, as you work your way through your list, you can witness your progress in a meaningful way, which can make it easier to stay focused on your goal and to remain motivated.

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