Coaching Your Team to be Leaders for Your Contract Employees


There are a number of benefits to hiring temporary employees. For example, it allows companies to hire the talent for specific projects or time frames, without incurring the costs or risks of hiring permanent employees. These individuals enjoy many benefits as well. They are able to gain an array of work experiences at a variety of companies, while enjoying the flexibility that the growing “gig-economy” provides.

Unfortunately, when organizations augment their workforce with contract employees it can be a difficult arrangement if not executed effectively. One of the most prominent challenges is incorporating temporary help into the workforce. Businesses must ensure these employees have both the guidance and resources to complete their work function effectively with the entire team.

Management often relies heavily on their permanent employees to provide direction to contract workers. After all, these individuals usually serve as a touchstone for temporary employees, leading both by example and through explicit guidance. While the scenario is reasonable, the permanent team might not be fully aware of any of the company’s expectations or know how to proceed. Without coaching, they may not provide the intended leadership to contract employees, which could hinder the entire team and potentially impacting the company as a whole.

Three Tips to Enable Your Team to Provide Guidance to Contract Employees

If you want your full-time staff to step into this role, here are three tips to coach them to be leaders for your contract employees.

1. Break Down Perceived Silos

Sometimes, employees work in silos. Even if they share responsibilities or support each other with certain tasks, the differing labels associated with their employment type creates mental barriers. Unfortunately, these mentalities often lead to a feeling of  separation. Instead of allowing this mindset to affect cooperation, actively work to develop a sense of unity. This can include coaching your permanent employees to view temporary workers as equals and as integral parts of the team, instead of outsiders who are only around for the interim.

2. Promote the Distribution of Information

If you want your contract workers to be effective, your permanent employees need to distribute valuable information whenever possible. Whether it is details about a project, information about company norms or useful data that can help everyone be more productive, your full-time team needs to know they should share important points with all workers, regardless of their designation.

When your employees know that you support the distribution of information, they will be more open to discussing essential points with temporary team members. This not only promotes teamwork, it also allows your contract employees to feel included. Overall, it has the potential to improve productivity and enhance a sense of cohesion between your entire staff, making for a more efficient work environment.

3. Provide Clear Expectations Regarding Involvement

Not every employee is inclined to act as a leader. Even those that are personally motivated to do so, may refrain unless they were explicitly given the ability to serve in this role. They simply may be concerned about overstepping their bounds, even if they feel they can help a contract worker. However, if you provide them with clear expectations regarding their involvement as leaders, most of your best and brightest will happily oblige. This lets them know the path is clear for them to take action, allowing them to feel empowered with a sense of support from management when they work with contract staff.

With a little guidance and coaching, your full-time team members can be a valuable asset for your contract employees, allowing everyone to succeed with greater ease. By following the tips above, you can create an environment that supports such action, enhancing productivity and teamwork throughout the organization.

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