How to Get Discovered by the Best Companies When Searching for a New Job


Finding a job that you love can be a difficult process, but it’s not impossible. Plus, as an experienced and talented architecture, engineering or construction professional, you know what you want and you have an impressive resume that can hold its own. Whether you have narrowed your search down to one company or created a shortlist of organizations, one thing is certain — you are not going to settle. The biggest foreseeable challenge: how to get noticed by your target companies to land your dream job.

Four Tips to Land a Job With a Leading Company

1. Become a Social Media Star

Companies use popular social media platforms to search for candidates, so make yourself stand out. If you do not already have one, create a professional presence for yourself on professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn. Use it to reinforce your personal brand, network with like-minded professionals, follow industry leaders and impart your knowledge / showcase your interests by making posts and/or becoming an influencer.

2. Seek Referrals

Referrals from current employees or someone the hiring manager respects give a job application extra weight. Hiring decisions are always a bit of a gamble, so having a trusted name in your corner willing to vouch for you will certainly get you noticed. If you are unable to think of anyone who might be able to help, use LinkedIn to find shared connections at the company to get your “in.”

3. Work With a Recruiter

Top recruiters have connections with all the best companies. Talk to them about your job search objectives and share which employers are on your shortlist. Once they know what you’re interested in, they can help connect you with opportunities as they become available. If they have a close working relationship with the client, they might know about positions before they are published online and may be able to help you tailor your resume and interview points to present yourself in the best light.

4. Request an Informational Interview

Use your contacts — or LinkedIn — to find professionals that work (or have previously worked) at companies you are interested in. Reach out and request a phone call or meeting. Prepare a list of questions spanning everything they like about the company, to why they left (if applicable) and how they got to this point in their career. This will give you better insight into company culture and may enable you to build a relationship with someone that could facilitate the application / interview process down the road.

Get Your Dream Job!

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