How to Introduce a Volunteer / Wellness Campaign to Your Employees


Workplace volunteer and wellness campaigns can be incredibly beneficial to employees and employers alike. They have the ability to improve morale, promote teamwork, provide workers with support, and increase engagement. However, if you want your campaign to be effective, it is crucial that it is rolled out in the proper manner.

4 Tips to Launch a Volunteer / Wellness Campaign at Your Company

Successfully starting a new employee program often requires a multi-step approach. Trying to seemingly blink one into existence may harm buy-in, especially if too many questions go unanswered or there is not enough enthusiasm surrounding the program. In contrast, a well-structured roll out can increase the level of excitement regarding the campaign, increasing the likelihood that your workforce will embrace the program as an opportunity worth seizing. If you are not sure where to begin, here are some best practices to guide your roll out.

1. Define the Objectives

Whether you are forming a volunteer program, wellness campaign or both, you need to define the company’s objectives. Are you aiming to play a bigger role in the community? Do you want to provide employees with support in critical life areas? Do you have something else in mind?

Without clear goals, it will be difficult to structure your campaign in a meaningful way. To be effective, your program needs to feel cohesive, and that means focusing on specific areas relating to identified objectives. Without this level of clarity, the structure of your campaign may feel haphazard, which may harm overall buy-in.

2. Build Excitement

As with any new initiative, you need to generate a buzz around the program. Ideally, you want to begin sharing information about your plans well before the campaign is fully active. Provide employees with enticing tidbits and choose your wording to express a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, particularly if the information is coming from upper management. If those at the top appear to be looking forward to the program, your workers are more likely to view it the same way.

3. Proceed in Segments

When you roll out a volunteer or wellness campaign, you need to start small. If you unleash a barrage of potential activities all at once, your employees may be overwhelmed by choice or view the program as a large burden on their time. This will negatively impact participation, lowering the odds that your plan will be a success.

Instead, take a more metered approach to adding new activities and resources. Focus on one or two options at the start and gauge participation. As more employees make the leap, add a few new events. Keep building until you have the entire program rolled out, maintaining a slow and steady mindset while adjusting to your employees’ response.

4.  Encourage Leadership Participation

Many employees take cues from leadership when it comes to engaging in new company offerings. If you want your workforce to get involved, make sure management supports the program as well. Encourage managers to take participate in activities, especially those that can be done as a team. That way, your workforce can see that the campaign is a priority and recognize it as a team building opportunity.

It can take time for a new volunteer or wellness campaign to take hold. However, if the management team provides adequate support, encouragement and guidance, your workforce will be more likely to embrace the program. Eventually, the program (and all of its benefits) will become ingrained into the company culture.

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