How Working With a Placement Firm Ensures a Great Career Fit


When you seek out a new architecture, engineering or construction position, finding an opportunity that aligns with your larger career goals is often a priority. Most professionals want to build their career in a particular direction, and that requires landing the right jobs to make that possible. However, determining whether a role is an ideal match for your preferred path is often easier said than done. Luckily, there are skilled professionals who can make the process simpler.

Three Ways Working With a Recruiter Can Ensure Your Next Job is a Great Career Fit

Job seekers often struggle with evaluating potential employers, mainly because the amount of information that is available to them is limited. While everyone can review a publicly posted vacancy announcement or review a company’s webpage, these do not always reveal the kinds of details candidates require to decide if the opportunity aligns with their needs.

However, recruitment specialists at placement firms do have access to additional details. This allows them to accurately ascertain whether a position can move your career in the right direction. Here are three key areas they review and how they help you achieve a good career fit.

1. Culture and Environment

Placement firms typically maintain long-lasting relationships with both the companies they partner with and the managers who oversee the hiring process. This allows recruitment specialists to get to know these businesses over time, giving them greater insight into the culture and management’s preferences. Additionally, they are familiar with the physical environments and how work is typically accomplished.

When you work with a placement firm, the recruiter will assess your culture and environmental needs and preferences. This can include anything from your ideal management style to whether you are seeking opportunities for growth and advancement. Then, they can determine if you are likely to mesh with the workplace, increasing the odds you will be satisfied working for the company.

2. Skill Analysis

Recruitment specialists at placement firms are highly adept at assessing the skills required to fulfill the requirements of the job. They are able to ask the hiring manager intelligent questions that provide them with valuable insight regarding which core competencies are a must, where opportunities for on-the-job training exist, and what skills are helpful but not necessities. Then, once they have the answers, they can honestly assess whether your skill set is a match. By repeating this process with each available opportunity, the recruiter can locate roles that best align with your skill set. This increases the chances you will excel in the position and receive career-boosting benefits as a result.

3. Hidden Opportunities

In some cases, placement firms have access to information about job vacancies that have not been made public. Many companies entrust recruitment specialists to locate suitable candidates discretely, keeping the opportunity otherwise inaccessible to job seekers who are not connected to a particular recruiter. By working with a placement firm, you can discover roles you otherwise would not find.

Similarly, recruitment specialists have robust networks within their community. Usually, they can use these connections to market a candidate who would be an ideal fit for a company even if there is not a currently listed vacancy. This approach can increase the odds of a good career fit by actively matching job seekers to their ideal environment or position, and then contacting the company directly to showcase why the candidate is perfect.

Are You Ready to Find Your Ideal Position?

Ultimately, working with a placement agency can help you find a position that is truly ideal based on your needs, goals and preferences. If you are ready to experience the difference for yourself, the professionals at RealStreet want to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members today and see how our placement services can make achieving a good career fit a breeze.

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

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