How to Find the Best Engineering Candidates


Locating top talent is rarely an easy process, but it can be especially daunting when looking for ideal engineering candidates. Unemployment is low for engineers, so resorting to traditional tactics may not always yield the best results. Luckily, there are things you can do to increase your odds of finding the best engineering candidates available.

Finding the Best Engineering Candidates

When you need to find great engineering candidates, you may need to supplement your usual recruiting approach. While posting on internal and external job sites can be beneficial, not every job seeker turns to these resources first. This can be especially true for passive candidates. Instead of struggling to fill an open engineering role, and suffering the costs of a unfilled position, consider the follow tips to ensure the right person is found for the job.

Use Non-Traditional Media

If you are only posting vacancy announcements on large-scale job boards, your talent pool remains mainly the same. If you want to find the best engineering candidates, consider branching out and exploring the potential of non-traditional media and resources.

For example, instead of merely listing requirements in a traditional job post, consider making a video presentation that discusses the position and highlights your company’s culture. The video can then be posted on your job site and to social media, making it a versatile option. Infographics can also be a fun way to discuss an open job, as the visual components draw the eye, increasing engagement. Just make sure that any visuals are mobile-friendly, and optimize your application process for mobile to make the most of this potential candidate pool. Additionally, don’t be afraid to branch out into social media networks beyond Facebook and LinkedIn.

Build a Mailing List

At times, announcing your vacancy to the world isn’t the most efficient approach. Instead, try a more target approach. Consider creating targeted mailing lists and emails where you can speak directly to active and passive job seekers who possess the skills and knowledge you are hoping to find.

Compiling a list may be tricky at first, but can be done by keeping track of any previous applicants who exhibited talent but weren’t ideal for that particular role. If you have jobs that fit their skills and experience, then you can add them to mailing lists associated with that position. Then, when an opening arises, you can reach out to easily.

Similarly, consider your professional network. Social media and other connections can be valuable resources, even if you aren’t targeting those individuals specifically. Add them to the list as well and invite them to refer suitable professionals if they know someone who would be a great fit.

Partner with a Leading Professional Services Provider

If you need to hire a skilled engineer quickly, partnering with a leading professional services provider is a wise move. They have extensive talent pools and strong relationships with active and passive job seekers. Plus, they are particularly adept at making strong matches, ensuring that each candidate meets your requirements and aligns with your company’s culture.

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