How Regular Meetings with Your Employees will Help Them Thrive


At many architecture, engineering and construction firms, annual employee performance reviews are the standard. However, by waiting so long between meetings, problems are given the space to proliferate, allowing what could be a small issue to turn into a big one. Ultimately, long stretches between reviews are not ideal for performance management or overall productivity. Instead, frequent meetings are a better approach, allowing you to chart each worker’s growth and development properly.

Why Every Manager Should Meet with Their Team Consistently to Chart Their Growth and Development

Year-end reviews are not always sufficient for promoting employee growth and development. While you can use annual reviews to monitor worker progress, the long periods between each one is not ideal for taking corrective action or guiding staff members toward greater success. Since annual reviews result in feedback only being given out once a year, managers miss opportunities to help their employees thrive.

By charting worker growth and development consistently, you are creating a platform that can help your architecture, engineering, or construction team excel. Any issues will be spotted and addressed earlier, allowing you to coach them on how to improve. Additionally, you gain the ability to identify top performers faster. This enables you to reward your best and brightest and direct opportunities for advancement at the right employees.

How Often You Should be Meeting with Your Employees to Chart Their Growth and Development

While the exact timing will vary slightly from one company to the next, scheduling monthly meetings is a good place to start. If a worker is thriving, you may be able to rely on quarterly meetings instead. However, if a team member is struggling, weekly or biweekly meetings may be necessary to keep them on track and properly monitor their progress.

How to Chart the Growth and Development of Your Architecture, Engineering or Construction Team

Charting the growth and development of your employees relies on the identification of key skills that relate to their position and critical metrics that align with success. Ultimately, these will vary from one organization to the next. However, by defining your expectations clearly, you have a basis for a successful chart.

Consider the crucial aspects of each role and which skills or performance metrics align with those tasks. Next, figure out which training or experience gaining opportunities are available to each worker and how those can help them achieve the position’s core goals. Then, identify any expectations that exist regarding the employee’s progress along their development path. Finally, pinpoint key milestones along the way and monitor the completion of each step during your weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly meeting.

The process above is highly customizable. As a result, you can adjust it in accordance with the role or the worker’s performance. This allows you to consistently chart their progress, clarify expectations and provide guidance at the proper times.

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