Why Accountability on the Worksite is a Team Issue and Should NOT Just be Management-Driven


When considering workplace accountability, it’s natural to assume employees are simply held accountable by their managers. After all, every job has duties to uphold, metrics to meet and goals to reach. It’s incumbent upon managers to hold their employees accountable to these standards.

Co-workers should be accountable to each other as well. Increasingly, companies depend on employees to function as a team; as a cohesive whole, working toward a common goal. However, how management empowers individuals to hold each other accountable, often plays a large role in the success of the initiative and the each employee’s ability to succeed. The following tips can enable both managers to hold their teams accountable and empower team members to hold each other responsible.

Make Connections

Show employees how the work they do fits into the overall objectives of the organization. Consider sharing company information, such as how revenue is earned and where costs are incurred. By being forthcoming about the expenses associated with running the business, employees will better understand how they fit in the grand scheme. Once employees understand the impact they have on the business, they will be more likely to keep each other on track and accountable.

Build Teams

To promote collaboration, create teams with varying skills tasked with a common goal. Once teammates start to recognize each other’s skills and strengths, they will grow to depend on each other. As they begin to rely on one another to be successful, they will begin to function more as a cohesive unit, than a group of individuals.

Consider Motivations

Understand the personal interests and professional goals of each individual. Illustrate how reaching company objectives will help them reach their own. Once they understand how their team’s work will impact the outcome of a project, their personal investment will increase, and they will be more likely to hold others accountable.

Give them Problems to Solve

When issues arise, avoid spoon-feed solutions to team members. Instead, let them develop their own solutions. They will grow in the process and may come up with answers you hadn’t considered. Co-workers will challenge each other to be creative if it means achieving project success. When team members know that they are accountable to each other it builds a culture of mutual trust and common purpose.

How Are You Accountable?

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