How to Clearly and Definitively Discuss Past Project Experience During an Interview


A job interview is a perfect opportunity to showcase your skills to a hiring manager by sharing concrete examples from your previous experience. When preparing to meet with an employer, review past projects you’ve worked on and skills you have acquired. Reflect on any leadership responsibilities you took on and (most importantly) how this experience will benefit the new organization you’re looking to work for.  

Focus on Relevant Information

One of the most difficult aspects of discussing a past project, is communicating enough detail to be thorough, without rambling. The best way to avoid unwanted tangents and unrelated stories is through preparation. As you plan for the interview, make a list of projects that explain the range and depth of your experience. Include the goal of each project, the part you played and the outcome. Include quantitative information whenever possible, as it will indicate your impact and ability to succeed.

Consider Your Audience

If you are in an interview with someone in Human Resources (HR), or in any position that is not directly related to the job you are applying for, avoid diving too deeply into the technical details of projects without pausing. Brief pauses will provide the interviewer with the opportunity to ask for clarification or indicate that they have enough detail and are ready to move on to the next topic. Do your best to relate the experience to something the interviewer is more likely to be familiar with. Talk about how the project was structured and what tools were used to keep it on track. Discuss the role you played and whether that role evolved over the duration of the project. Note any metrics, obstacles you had to overcome and lessons learned.

Highlight Both Technical and Soft Skills

When sharing anecdotes that highlight your technical skills during an interview, make sure to mention and  showcase soft skills during an interview as well. Employers are placing increased importance on soft skills when evaluating a new hire. They can be difficult to substantiate through a resume, but the interview process is the perfect opportunity to showcase soft skills that are in line with the company culture and may enable you to be successful in the role.

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Show Why it Matters 

The interviewer is looking for someone with the right skills for the position who is a good fit for the company. Focus on showing how your experience is relevant to the company’s plans. Analyze the job description, their website and any other research you’ve done to identify points to bring up that relate to your suitability for the position. 

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