Four Reasons a Healthy Breakfast Will Help You Show Up to the Worksite Mentally Prepared and Ready for the Day


Chances are you were raised hearing, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Doctors and scientists continue to recommend that people start their day with a good breakfast, preferably one high in protein and fiber, containing some healthy fat and with as little sugar as possible. However, between busy personal lives and rushing to make it to work on time, breakfast is often a rushed, if not forgotten, aspect of many individuals’ morning routine.

Listen to the Experts

Dr. Monique Tello is a practicing physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School and has earned a Master’s in Public Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is also the author of Healthy Habits for Your Heart and a contributing editor at Harvard Health Publishing. She describes her favorite breakfast as a big bowl of berries. She uses frozen berries (that she puts in the refrigerator to defrost the night before), tops them off with Greek yogurt and sprinkles on some nuts for a delicious, filling and nutritious start to the day.

Four Reasons to Make Breakfast a Workday Priority

1. It Sets You Up for a Day of Healthy Eating

Starting the day with fruit or vegetables gives you a jump start on reaching your daily recommended servings. If you’re on pace for 3 or 4 smaller meals throughout the day, having this morning routine allows you to start the foundation of your day and push closer to your goal as soon as you rise.

2. Keeps Your Blood Sugar on an Even Keel

This makes you less likely to experience spikes and crashes that can make you sleepy, short-tempered or distracted by hunger. Interested in learning more about the effects your blood sugar can have on both long and short-term health? Consider this supporting resource from VeeVital, “Why is Blood Sugar Balance SO Important?”

3. It Gives You an Energy Boost

According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, “People who eat breakfast show an increase in physical activity throughout their mornings.” This keeps you more productive on the job as well as preventing weight gain and fatigue.

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4. Breakfast Stimulates the Brain

Taking the time to eat breakfast in the morning gives you a mental edge as well as a physical boost. According to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, stable glucose levels help improve your ability to focus, reason and process information critical elements of any AEC workday!

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