Six Ways A Professional Services Provider Can Help You with Employee Turnover During the Start of The New Year


The New Year means a fresh start. That can bring both positive and negatives. On the positive (and challenging) side, you probably have big plans for the coming calendar years such as growing your company, taking on new initiatives or making your workforce more flexible. Unfortunately for employers, that can also mean that your employees are thinking about a change.

Why You Should Rely on a Professional Services Provider

1. Leverage Industry Expertise

RealStreet focuses exclusively on the architecture, engineering and construction industries. That experience combined with our extensive research makes us a true resource for our employer partners. By understanding the qualifications and motivations of the candidates we present, we increase the probability of making a match that results in a long-term professional relationship.

2. Access Better Talent

Whether you need to replace departing employees or to add to your team to keep up with increasing business demand, a professional services firm can connect you with top talent, even in a tight market. They have the tools and resources to source, screen and attract the best people. Proven screening and top-grading processes ensure you see only the top 10% of candidates. Shorten time-to-fill.

3. Increase Focus

Retaining your best people takes a lot of time and attention. You need to dedicate time to get to know each of your people – their goals, interests and difficulties. A professional services firm can be your eyes and ears – looking for people with the skills and experience to add to the team. You can focus on keeping your current employees engaged and happy in their jobs, or work with them to develop a promotional path that enables them to grow their careers without leaving your organization.

4. Improve Flexibility

In architecture, engineering and construction market, the It can be difficult to keep up with varying demands. A professional services provider can help you hold down employment costs and risks, scale your team to changing workloads, complete projects on time and under budget, and keep up with growth.

5. Get Expert Assistance

The ASA certification from the American Staffing Association demonstrates that we are experts in employment laws and regulations and adhere to the ASA code of ethics. We are well-versed in candidate screening, equal employment opportunity laws, drug testing in the workplace, wage and hour laws, FMLA, OSHA, and workers’ compensation.

6. Meet Diversity Goals

As a WBENC-certified, SBA WOSB we can help you to meet your diversity goals. We have a deep understanding of the talent community and can connect with individuals who have the skills, experience and qualifications your organization requires.

Prepare for JobSeeker January

January is when many of the most highly qualified professionals look for their next opportunity. Work with a specialized architecture, engineering and construction professional services firm that can help attract the best candidates to your opportunities. If you would like to learn more about what RealStreet can do for your business, read about our Six Foundations of Your Success. If you’re ready to hire, request an employee now. We are WBENC-certified, SBA WOSB and can help you meet your procurement goals.

We have had an eight-year relationship with RealStreet on a number of federal construction management contracts. They have been extremely responsive to our needs, helping us fill a variety of construction services positions, often with short notice. They have been a reliable and responsive partner, and we can always count on them to quickly deliver Read More…

Tony Leketa, PE, Executive Vice President

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