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January is the perfect time to start something new. After all, the new year is a new beginning. It is an opportunity to access the past 12 months (as well as your overall career) and develop goals for the year to come. Don’t worry, while career strategy can seem like a daunting process, RealStreet can be a vital part of this plan.

It’s JobSeeker January

Is it time to make a career transition? Whether you are actively seeking a new opportunity or simply keeping you options open, contact us to get the process started! In the meantime, make sure to follow us on social media to get great job search advice, and check out the resources below:

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Three Ways RealSreet Can Help You Build a Better Career

You have the knowledge, skills and experience. What you need are the right connections. As a leading provider of job opportunities in the federal, architectural, construction and engineering communities, RealStreet can match you with ideal opportunities in the industry.

1. Build Connections

Career success can be enabled by who you know. The right contacts can get your resume in front of the right person, but it’s up to you to make a great impression in the interview and follow through with exceptional performance on the job. Working with RealStreet is like having a friend in the business. We know what decision makers are looking for and what it takes to impress them.

2. Understand the Market

It’s important to know which sectors are experiencing growth, what top talent is earning and what career development you may need to take on to be in the game. RealStreet gives you the inside line on the industry’s best opportunities. Employers trust us with jobs they don’t post elsewhere. You’ll gain access to in-demand projects and positions you can’t find elsewhere. We have the contacts, resources and systems to connect you with better construction opportunities, nationwide.

3. Work with an Industry Expert

We know the ins and outs of the industries we serve including architecture, engineering and construction and speak your language. RealStreet is built and run by industry professionals. We know what you’re looking for – because we’ve been there ourselves.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

RealStreet is here to help. As leading talent management specialists in the architecture, engineering and construction industry, we have the knowledge and connections to help you build a better career. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled recruiters today!

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

KC Green

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