Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job!


Congratulations! After submitting resumes and cover letters, you receive a call from company regarding a dream job and they want to interview you! While competition in the marketplace is strong, the interview is the perfect opportunity to outshine the other applicants and show the employer why you are the best fit for the job.

Here are a few tips to ace the interview and land the job:

Prepare, prepare, prepare!

  • Review the job description as well as your own resume. Make sure to print a few extra copies out to take with you on the big day.
  • Do your homework on the company – go to the website, social sites, and run a search on the company to read articles or press releases.
  • Determine uncertainties – write down questions you think of, to bring up at appropriate times during the interview.
  • Develop a strategy – formulate a few key messages that you want to convey and practice responding to questions with interesting and memorable stories.
  • Rehearse – whether you just rehearse certain answers in the mirror, get a friend to ask you questions or get a recruiter’s help, it’s always good to practice before an interview. Don’t go in cold!
  • If it’s virtual, test your interview space and any technology that you will use ahead of time.
  • If it’s in person, know where you need to go. Establish a interview location , even if you are interviewing over the phone. Ensure it is a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. If you have an in person interview, know the destination, plan your route and anticipate delays. Give yourself extra time incase something unexpected happens.

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Remember your interview etiquette!

  • Timeliness – if it’s in person, arrive at the interview 10 minutes early. If it’s a phone or virtual interview, call in / login a few minutes early.
  • Appearance – dress appropriately.
  • Speech & Body Language – present yourself as a calm, confident person.
  • Engagement – your interest in the job and passion will be assessed through the interview.
  • Remember it is a conversation and that you are interviewing them and the company as well.

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Follow up!

  • Thank you – send a handwritten thank you note or email highlighting key points of the interview.
  • Keep in touch – keep the lines of communication open even if you didn’t get the job.
  • You never know where the next opportunity might come from!

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