3 Tips to Motivate Your Team to Reach Your Yearly Goals


As you begin the fourth quarter, revisit yearly goals. After all, the last few months are a busy time of year. Projects are well underway and employees are using their well-earned paid time off. Don’t let this time slip away as you hustle to complete goals and reach targets.  Here are a few tips to keep employees engaged and focused, to ensure that the year ends successfully!  

1. Review Key Objectives

In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations, vision sometimes times takes a back seat. Minimize this, by pulling out your list of yearly objectives and give employees a refresher course during your next staff meeting.  This will remind employees what’s most important to you and what the common goals are that everyone is helping to achieve.  Hopefully you’ve kept close watch on these objectives throughout the year, assessing goals and making changes based on the nature of the business. Decide, as a whole, which goals have been met, which haven’t, and which are the most important to focus on for the remainder of the year.  When employees see that you are involved and care about the goals, they won’t want to let you down.

2. Review Successes & Nearly Accomplished Goals

When reviewing your goals, identify successes, a few goals that are close to being achieved, and some that are going to have to wait until next year.  Unless they are urgent and important, don’t focus on the goals that would be next to impossible to reach in the next three months.  Instead, come up with an action plan to complete the nearly accomplished goals.  Choose stakeholders and delegate the steps that need to be taken to take these objectives from “nearly there” to “over the finish-line”.  Employees will be much more engaged in completing goals that they know can be achieved.

3. Incentivize!

Part of being a good manager is learning what motivates your staff.  What drives them to compete?  What are their personal career goals?  What matters most? You have to set goals for your employees to strive towards.  Doing so helps boost motivation to complete the task.  Reward employees for reaching annual targets.  Even a small bonus incentivizes employees to work harder.  Employees that go out of their way to provide excellent service to customers and coworkers should be recognized and rewarded for their hard work and dedication to the organization.

Whatever you do, don’t let your credibility as a business leader falter by not being a good motivator during this important time of the year.  Be present and maintain good working relationships with your employees. Check in frequently and make sure they have the support and necessary resources to achieve goals.

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