Benefits of Volunteering During the Holidays


Volunteer work gives you the opportunity to give back to the community and has personal benefits you may not have considered, some of which may even help you develop your career!  Here are three great benefits of volunteering during the holiday season:

1. Grow Your Network

Volunteering often affords the opportunity to interact with different types of people in varying fields and at all levels, from entry level to management. In a volunteer experience, everyone tends to be on equal footing. Be mindful of who you work with and who you meet along the way, as new contacts can give you exposure that’s difficult to come by in your daily workday. Get to know people and let them get to know you. Every connection is an opportunity to grow your network and achieve your career goals. Think about this as you get out and volunteer during the holiday season.

2. Gain New Skills

Sometimes volunteer work means getting out of your comfort zone, but doing so can expose you to new people and opportunities. For example, you can build soft skills, such as communication, networking, teamwork and leadership, as you work with other volunteers and community members. You might also develop hard skills as you take on specific responsibilities. If you are trying to fill skills gaps for a particular type of job, volunteering might give you the experience necessary to take that next step in your career!

3. Make an Impact

There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities, particularly around the holidays. Be sure to choose one that you feel strongly about and that uses your strengths. Going through the motions on a volunteer project that is not the right fit, isn’t good for you or the organization. Instead, find something that you really connect with. It will make it more enjoyable, which will show through the quality of your work.

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