The Importance of Updating Your Resume, Even if You’re Not Looking for Work


Let’s say you currently have a terrific job, with great pay, with a wonderful boss and fun coworkers. You’re not looking for work and you don’t plan to in the foreseeable future.

So the idea of keeping your resume updated hasn’t occurred to you in a long while — since you started at this wonderful job with the terrific boss and great coworkers.

But it should.

You always should keep your resume current because things do happen. Your terrific boss could leave, landing you with a boss from Hades. Salary freezes could take place, leaving you with a paycheck holding steady while your responsibilities increase. And your wonderful co-workers? Laid off next week, leaving you wondering if you’ll be next.

But aside from the fact that your terrific job could become a) awful in no time or b) leave you awfully quickly, you should continuously update your resume for two good reasons:

1) You won’t forget your accomplishments
2) It will be ready to go should a great opportunity pop up its happy head waving Hello!

It’s simple human nature; we do something wonderful (bring in the big client, streamline data processing, build a new website, etc.) and then promptly forget about it. Oh, we remember it, but did the XYZ Account come in in February or was it April? Did I stay late all week finishing up the Smith Project before or after spring break?

You get the picture.

Instead, after every major accomplishment, after every promotion, after every new skill learned, update your resume.

Because (bringing us to Reason 2) it never fails: you’re contacted by a headhunter about a terrific opportunity, or your friend tells you about a great opening at her company that’s just perfect for you. But instead of being able to pounce on these great opportunities, you spend days — if not weeks — updating and crafting your resume.

Instead, update it as the accolades and accomplishments happen.

Terrific jobs do happen here
at RealStreet Staffing. Our Washington Metro staffing firm has many temporary, temp-to-hire and direct placement opportunities for those who are prepared to come get them. We look forward to hearing from you.

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

KC Green

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