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Job Fair “season” is here! Many companies hold job fairs in late spring/early summer in order to catch new school graduates. Read below for some tips on how to work a job fair or two to your best advantage.

  • Before you set foot in the career fair arena, be sure your resume is the best it can be. Highlight your accomplishments rather than just job duties. Employers want to hire problem solvers, not task doers. So when you talk about your accomplishments, give real figures. For example:  “Managed a $25 million construction budget, bringing it in 10 days early and $500,000 below budget.”
  • Dress as you would for a job interview. You’ll be meeting with a companies’ recruiters and you very well may be interviewed on the spot. You want to look the part. Dress in a suit and tie, if at all possible, even if you’re looking for “just” entry-level or clerical/manufacturing positions.
  • Before heading out, look at the list of companies who have purchased a booth at the fair. You’ll want to do some research on the company in the days before the fair so that you can discuss how your skills could be of use to a particular company.
  • Put together a 15-30 second “radio spot” on what you offer an employer. You’ll be giving this “commercial” to each recruiter with whom you speak.
  • You’ll find that the recruiters at the fair’s tables may look overwhelmed, but rest assured that they are eager to speak with you. Extend your hand to them, smile, state your name, smile again, and give your commercial.
  • Don’t be shy about talking about the company’s background (you did your research on it, didn’t you?). This will impress the recruiter.
  • More importantly, as you talk to the recruiter, focus on how you can help the company, not what the company can provide for you. Don’t discuss benefits, pay rates, etc. at the fair.
  • Ask for a business card as you hand the recruiter your resume. A business card of your own also couldn’t hurt.
  • After you speak with a representative, jot down some notes. You can wait until you leave the fair, but you may forget some important things. You’ll want these notes because….
  • …you’ll be sending thank you notes to every recruiter with whom you spoke. Thank them for taking the time to speak with you and reiterate your skills and background. Be sure to mention your interest in working for the company. Attaching your resume to the e-mail also is a good idea. If a representative asked you to send him or her a link to your website or samples of work, be sure to do so.

For more tips on how to work a job fair to your best advantage, contact a recruiter at RealStreet Staffing. We have dozens of opportunities for construction, architecture, engineering and IT professionals at companies throughout the United States. Contact us today!

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