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If you are looking for a job, you have no doubt used job boards online and other electronic job search tools. You probably have your own preferences as to which are the best. Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor conducted an online survey asking for the public’s opinion about the best job search sites online. More than 16,000 people responded to the survey, called Tools for America’s Job Seekers Challenge. They reviewed a total of about 600 job and career tools online.

In the general job board category, the most recommended sites were America’s Virtual One Stop,, CareerStation,,,, Monster Newspaper Partnerships,,, and

America’s Virtual One Stop offers not only job listings, but information about continuing education, labor market information and career information. It claims to offer fast access to a complete set of tools in one website.

CareerStation and advertise free, easy-to-use access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites, job boards, newspapers, blogs, and associations. Indeed allows the user to narrow his or her search by keyword, location or salary.

LinkUp touts the fact that it indexes job postings exclusively from the companies’ own websites. The services doesn’t use recruiter sites or other job boards, and it continuously checks and update job postings. Each job listed, it says, also notes how long ago it was posted and how recently it was verified.

Monster Newspaper Partnerships advertises that it has partnerships with more than 400 daily and weekly newspapers in the United States. The Monster job board integrates the news and other content from local papers with its own job search tools, which allows a job hunter to look for jobs in his or her area. claims to have one of the world’s largest jobs database. It also says that its career management tools allow a person to map out his career progression, understand new opportunities and benchmark himself against others in the job market advertises the largest search engine for jobs, with more than three million listings nationwide. It also boasts of the effectiveness of its search tools to give users access to every opportunity. is the federal government’s official job list.

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