Branding Yourself in Your Job Search


What makes you different from others with your skill set, educational and work background? What makes you stand out from other people applying for the same job?

Once you know this, you’ve just discovered your “brand.”

Hiring managers can receive dozens, even hundreds of applications for a single job. It’s your job to help them find you. In other words, you need to stand out.

Your “brand” will help you do so.

What if you don’t know your brand? Then you need to find it and then make sure you highlight it in some way in every cover letter and every resume you send.

What’s a part of your brand? In addition to you skills and job/educational background, your brand is made up of your personality, enthusiasm for the position, passion for your career, and so on.

Your task, when it comes to branding yourself, is to make sure you’re able to articulate that in a concise way, making it easy for you to tell it to potential employers and easing the way for employers to know what makes you different.

Take a look at  your resume and job history. What types of companies did you thrive in? What types of roles did you gravitate to? What kind of work ethic do you possess? What leadership qualities do you possess? What direction are you taking your career?

Your next step is to write a brief – very brief – overview of what makes you different. Make this overview (some people call it your “30-second elevator speech”) clear and concise. You’ll want to work to ensure this brand message can be placed easily in your resume as well as in your cover letter. You’ll also want to be able to say this brand (the elevator speech) in 15 or 30 seconds, so that you can articulate it to hiring managers as well as people within your network.

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