Adding to Your Value as a Potential Employee


So, you have recently graduated from college. You may have found a job, and, if so, likely one that is far from your dream job. Or, you may still be looking. Either way, you might be interested to know what you can do to increase your value to employers.

The keys to adding to your value as an employee are not a secret – they’re adding to your skills and constantly challenging yourself.

One thing you can do is learn a foreign language, according to business person Katheryn Rivas. You probably took some language courses in college, and maybe you can build on that foundation. But in this world where commerce is now global, knowing another language will really give you an edge when you go looking for another job or look to move up the ladder. You can take language lessons or courses or join cultural clubs. Either way, it will help your employability, especially if you focus on one of these languages – Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, or Portuguese.

Another thing you can do to add value is learn how to use a wider variety of computer programs. Any job you take will most likely involve the use of computers, so the more programs you know, the likelier it is the more valuable you will be to an employer. You need to stay on top of the programs that are used in your field. Having a good knowledge of HTML is needed for many jobs, but other skills are becoming increasingly necessary depending on the type of business, with applications like InDesign, Photoshop, SQL and others.

Another activity that will increase your value is reading – newspapers, magazines and books. This will help make you a more cultivated, well-rounded person, someone who knows about the world and is up on current events. Reading the newspaper daily not only will make you more well informed, but may also give you information that may help you in your job search.

Reading history, biography or social sciences will increase your general knowledge and may come in handy during an interview. Reading books related to your field also will increase your knowledge, and will impress hiring managers with your desire to stay current and to develop yourself.

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Cheryll Bissell

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