Use the New Year to Revamp Your Job Search


Whether you’ve been on the hunt for a while or are recently entering the job market,  an extended job search can leave you discouraged and emotionally drained.  However, a new year brings new hope and fresh start.  Statistics show that many companies plan their hiring efforts in the first quarter of the year, so now is the perfect time to revamp your job search.  Use the tips below to fast track your job search in 2014.

Make time.
An effective job search requires adequate time and discipline.  If you want to get serious about your job search, make sure you set aside at least one to two hours a day to work on your resume, update your online networking profiles, and browse job listings.  Due to the competitive job market positions open and close daily, so if you see something you’re interested in, you need to apply that same day.  You have to stay on top of your job search if you’re serious about finding a new role.

Get organized.
Before you dive full force into your job search, you need to make sure you have all of your paperwork organized.  Create templates for your cover letter and resume and have them readily available to tailor to your desired position when needed.  Recruiters want to see applications tailored to their specific job post, so the quicker you can tailor and send your documents, the quicker you’ll land an interview. 

Job proof your social media accounts.
Employers will be using social media in the hiring process.  The content of your social profiles can make or break whether you get a job.  Make sure to get rid of any inappropriate content on your profiles that could hurt your chances of getting hired.

Network with your peers.
It’s natural to assume that an older, more experienced professional contact can be more valuable to your job search than one of your peers.  However, there are many times in job searches where this has been proven to not be the case.   Your peers are the people that have worked with you on a daily basis and can provide recruiters with better appraisals about your performance and work reputation.  Therefore, recruiters value their opinions and honesty.

Enlist the help of a recruiter.
There are recruiting firms that specialize in staffing for every industry.  Do a web search to locate a firm in your industry.  These niche agencies often maintain their own job postings that are not available anywhere else on the web.  They can grant you access to the hidden job market and offer detailed career services.  Recruiting agencies have the great advantage of allowing you to conduct highly targeted job searches.  This is extremely useful in fields that have very technical positions such as medical or engineering. 

If you’re already exhausted from hunting as we round out the second full week in 2014, let the recruiters at RealStreet Staffing help you revamp your job search.  With our exclusive industry focus, first-hand construction experience, and professional recruiting expertise, we’ll match you an exciting new opportunity in the architecture, construction, or engineering community.  Browse our open positions or contact a recruiter today to start building your future.

RealStreet saved us more than once with temporary help on some of our most demanding construction projects, particularly when we needed experienced, responsible and professional individuals on such short notice. We were particularly grateful for the Quality Control Manager (QCM) you were able to provide while our full-time QCM was on short-term disability, at the Read More…

Michael S. Shevitz, LEED Green Associate, Vice President

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