Ways to Ensure a Successful First Day at a New Job


Congratulations! After many hours spent perfecting your resume and cover letter, submitting job applications, and surviving strenuous interview sessions; you’ve landed the job you wanted.  The new gig starts next week, and you can’t wait.  However, the nerves are starting to set in and you want to make sure you don’t get thrown back on the job market.  Here are a few tips to ensure you have a successful first day.

  1. Pay Attention to Introductions
    You’ll probably be rushed from one introduction to the next as you meet your new coworkers.  This can leave room for committing small social mistakes such as forgetting the person’s name right after they’re introduced or giving off the impression that you don’t care about meeting them.  Make it a point to pay extra attention when being introduced to people.  Smile, shake hands firmly, and repeat their name back to them.  This will ensure you heard them right and help commit the name to memory.  Politely say “goodbye” or it was nice to meet you” before walking away. 
  1. Ask to Meet Your Boss.
    A majority of the time when you start a new job, you’re often shown around the office by a coworker or human resources manager.  Ask this person to introduce you to your boss.  Your boss may be busy or unavailable at the time, but they can help you set up a meeting with them later in the day.  Asking to meet your boss shows that you’re proactive and  can take initiative.  Don’t wait for your boss to come to you. 
  1. Set up Your Workstation.
    You may experience some down time on your first day in between filling out paperwork and other onboarding meetings.  Use this time to set up your workstation and make sure you have everything you need.  Make sure you can log on to your computer and that your voicemail is set up.  If there are extra supplies that you need, find out where those supplies are or how they can be ordered. Getting everything set up on your first day allows you to jump right into your work on the second day.
  1. Find a Mentor
    If you pay close attention to how people interact with each other in the office, it’ll be easy to spot the people who embody the company culture and are well respected.  Make one of those people your role model.  They’ll be able to help you fit in to the company culture and quickly earn the respect of your coworkers.  
  1. Avoid the Gossips.
    In the same that you’ll be able to spot coworkers that are doing it right, you should also be able to spot the bad apples.  Be wary of the people that immediately start to fill you in on office gossip or talk badly of others.  If you value you’re career, you don’t want these people to become your first and closest friends at the office.
  1. Get to Work.
    Don’t wait around to be told what to do.  If you aren’t given an assignment during your first few days at work, find one.  A new employer wants to see that you’re a self-starter and not afraid to jump right in to the work.

Your first day at the job doesn’t have to be scary.  As long as you smile, are polite, and can be proactive, you’ll quickly gain respect from your employer and won’t end up back on the job market.  If you haven’t landed your next job opportunity yet, let the experienced recruiters at RealStreet Staffing help you find the perfect position.  Contact us today and search job opportunities that you won’t find elsewhere.

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