4 Things That Can Hold You Back from Hiring a Top Candidate


It is exciting to find someone who embodies everything you are looking for in the ideal candidate. However, sometimes the person who seems like the top contender really isn’t the best choice for the job. It’s important to make sure you’re not viewing the candidate through rose-colored glasses and subsequently missing clear warning signs.

4 Reasons Not to Hire a Top Candidate


Poor Cultural Fit.

If a candidate doesn’t fit into your company culture, there’s a good chance they won’t last very long at your organization. When interviewing the person, ask questions about their work style, values, preferred interaction with management and other key cultural issues to gauge whether or not they’re a good fit. Move on to the next candidate if it’s clear they’re not going to fit in at your organization.

Personality Problems.

It’s always disappointing to find the perfect candidate on paper, but discover upon meeting them, that there is a personality clash. Remember, skills can be learned but personality traits are innate. You have to work with this person each day, so it’s not worth sacrificing your sanity to work with even the most brilliant mind.

Questionable Skills.

Anyone can state that they excel at the skills listed in your job description, but make sure they can back up their claims.  Find a way to give the person a skills test to make sure they’re as talented as they claim. Ask questions about their experiences using these skills at their last job. Ask them how they would solve a certain problem. If you’re less-than-impressed with the outcome, they might have embellished their resume.

Spotty Employment History.

When hiring a new addition to your team, there’s no guarantee that the person will stay with you for forever, but it’s certainly wise to hire someone with long-term potential. Closely examine the person’s employment history. Are there gaps in their resume? Do they seem to change jobs a lot (not including temporary assignments)? What are their plans for the future? Does it look like this is a stepping stone or place where they want to put down some roots and grow?

Find the best person for your team.

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