3 Tips to Choosing a Career that You Love


Many people take an easy route when choosing a career path. They accept a position for certain reasons – maybe a generous paycheck, the proximity of the job to their home or simply because it was the first offer they received – without considering all of the other aspects of the job. While this may serve as a short-term solution, settling for a job you’re not passionate about could ultimately lead to a burnout. Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce or stuck an unfulfilling career, it’s important to recognize when its time for a change and to put forth the effort to find a job that truly makes you happy.

3 Ways to Find an Exciting New Career

Feeling dissatisfied in your current role and ready to find a job that makes you excited to go to work each day? Use the following three tips to get started:

1. Establish What You Want in a New Job. 

Consider what matters most to you in a career. Do you want a job that allows flexible working options so you can spend more time with your family? Are you seeking opportunities that allow you to travel and see the world? Do you desire more autonomy. Are you looking for a job with upward mobility? Are you looking for a different corporate culture? Spend time reflecting on the likes and dislikes of your past experiences and establish what you want moving forward. It’s important to know what you want out of a job prior to beginning your search, to ensure you don’t inadvertently accept the wrong position.

2. Merge & Prioritize Your Interests, Skill Sets and Needs.

To quote Confucius, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Think about your interests and consider whether you’re skilled enough to establish a new career path. Consider financial and other obligations as well. Ideally, you’d find a job that fulfills everything you’re looking for. Unfortunately, job seekers sometimes need to make certain concessions when accepting a position. Hence why its crucial to prioritize what is important as you go into a job search; to help ensure you don’t sacrifice something that will impact your happiness in the long run.

3. Take Your New Career for a Test Drive.

Instead of jumping into a new career head first, test the waters to make sure it’s right for you. Take a course or volunteer your time at a local organization to gain more exposure to the type of work you would be doing. It’s important to ensure you’re still excited about the field after it has become a significant portion of your day and the novelty wears off.


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