4 Team Building Exercises Your Staff Will Enjoy!


Unfortunately, team building activities don’t always have the best reputation. In fact, some employees do their best to avoid them. Be prepared for a little push-back when you announce that your group will soon be engaging in one. However, with a little creative thinking, you can turn this negative impression around.

When properly executed, team building exercises can be extremely effective. They are a great opportunity to unite the individuals who work for you by developing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses collectively as a group. In the end, your team will have fun while learning to work together more effectively.

4 Fun Team Building Exercises

Do your employees dread team building activities? Change their expectations by trying something new! Incorporate excitement and add value to your team building exercises by choosing one of the following four ideas:

  1. Plan a Fun Offsite Activity: Organize a field trip and give everyone the day off work or allowing for early leave in order to participate. Ask for suggestions to ensure you choose something that people actually enjoy. Ideas may include activities such as attending a baseball game, forming an intramural sports league, taking a whitewater rafting trip or spending the day on the golf course.
  2. Volunteer Together: Bring your group together by volunteering at a local charity. Build momentum by allowing everyone to vote on which charitable organization they would like to support. If your team can’t spare an entire day, opt for a half-day or even a few hours. Focus on improving the lives of others while strengthening your bond.
  3. Schedule a Professional Development Class: Help your team learn and grow together by having them take part in a professional development activity. Not only will this help bring your team closer together, it will aid in employee development. Consider having a guest speaker come into your office or send your team to a conference.
  4. Encourage Everyone to Open Up: Once a month, dedicate a portion of your staff meeting to team bonding. Ask everyone to share an interesting story or a fun fact about themselves that the rest of the group doesn’t know. This is an easy way to raise the comfort level in the room and encourage collaboration.

Build the team you’ve always wanted.

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