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How much of a role does luck play in job search success? Sometimes it may seem like a lot. After all, looking for a new job is often a difficult and time consuming process. And when you’ve worked hard, and have great experience to show for it, it can be especially frustrating when genuine efforts yield little to no positive results. In situations such as this, it’s easy to perceive yourself as unlucky while those around you benefit from good luck.

Is luck really the reason behind, or even a significant contributing factor, to someone’s job search success? It may have. That being said, it’s important to do everything you can to create your own luck!

Seven Suggestions to Make Your Own Luck During a Job Search

Creating your own luck does not mean picking all the four leaf clovers you can find or keeping a horseshoe on your desk. It requires a different type of initiative. It means setting yourself up professionally and as a job seeker to have the most chances of benefiting from happenstance. The following seven tips can help increase your odds of having an effective and efficient job search, what many would view as: good luck!

1. Create or Develop a New Strategy

Whether you are just starting your job search or you have been struggling for some time, the best way to find an ideal job in the least amount of time is to formulate a solid strategy. Otherwise, you could find yourself languishing in a limbo of unanswered applications, interviews for jobs that aren’t a good fit and rejections. Do this by reflecting on your past jobs and what you want to do moving forward. Consider any gaps between you and our goals and plan out how you are going to achieve them. Write everything down, set deadlines and track your progress!

2. Rework Your Resume

Your resume is often your first impression with recruiters and hiring managers. Do what you can to ensure it’s the best possible! Take another look at your resume checking aspects such as the content layout, accuracy and formatting. Tailor it to the jobs you are applying to and make sure it’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly.

3. Improve Your Professional Online Presence

Recruiters and hiring managers use the internet for more purposes than simply learning about candidates they intend to interview. For example, it’s often used to source candidates, especially when the labor market is tight or when trying to fill positions with stringent requirements. Ensure you are found, and viewed positively, by cleaning up your online image and checking your privacy settings on all social media accounts. Make sure your LinkedIn account is up to date and tailored to the types of jobs you are interested in. Remember that it is an extension of your resume, not an online duplicate.

4. Develop Yourself

Whether you have gaps in your resume, you feel like certain skills are lacking or you simply want to be the most qualified person being considered for the job, continuous development is a great way to increase your attractiveness as a candidate. Depending on your situation it may make sense to pursue formal education or certification. Keep in mind there are a multitude of low cost and free educational opportunities available as well, such as online classes and webinars.

5. Network

Networking is often a critical aspect of a successful job search. It provides educational opportunities and enables connections with influential people in the industry. It also affords chances to learn about job opportunities before they have been officially announced and keeps you in the forefront of the minds of those making or influencing hiring decisions. Sometimes, it really is about who you know. You never know who in your network may provide the lucky chance you need!

6. Get Help

Reach out to professionals. Whether you are struggling with your resume and could use the assistance of a professional writer, or you are struggling to find ideal jobs, industry professionals can help. Reach out to recruiters and companies that place people in positions you are interested in. Even if they don’t have a position at that time, they will keep you in mind as new positions become available. For example, RealStreet will always strive to connect candidates with their ideal opportunities.

7. Practice

Practice will enable you to interact effectively in social situations and in interviews. As you begin your job search rehearse your elevator speech. As you begin applying for jobs, practice interviewing, rehearsing stories that you can tell during the meeting. This preparation will help you respond to questions with confidence and with the best of your ability.

8. Keep an Open Mind

Don’t pigeon hole yourself. There is often more than one route to arrive at a particular destination. If you’re not careful, you may dismiss opportunities that have the potential to keep you on your desired career path, even if it wasn’t as direct as your ideal job.

9. Maintain a Positive Mindset

It can be difficult to remain positive throughout a prolonged job search, but it’s important to not let it get the better of you. A positive mindset will help you in all aspects of your search. You will be more approachable at networking events, more open to possibilities, more apt to take on a challenge and more likely to receive a lucky break.

Now that you have these tips, get out there are start creating your own luck!

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