Guide to Hiring Contract Employees to Meet Seasonal Demand (Part 2)


Architecture, engineering and construction companies are often subject to seasonal fluctuations, and the warmer weather and longer days often lend to the start of a busier season. To manage the uptick in demand, additional workers are often required. Contract employees make the workload more manageable and give the business the opportunity to bring in work they otherwise could not handle.

Hiring Contract Employees to Meet Seasonal Demand

Supplementing your workforce with contract employees can be a wise decision when you need to meet seasonal demand. You gain access to skilled workers based on your specific needs without having to shoulder the cost or commitment traditionally associated with a permanent staff member. To help make the process easier to manage, utilize the following tips when hiring contract employees.

This is the second part of a series – do you need to refer back to Part 1?

Be Clear About the Nature of the Position

Many architecture, engineering and construction professionals are open to taking on a seasonal or temporary position. However, it is important to be unequivocally clear about the nature of the role from the beginning. Failing to disclose the anticipated duration of the assignment could be considered misleading. It may breed resentment from your short-term workforce, especially if their preference was to find long-term opportunities, and could damage or reputation. By being upfront about the nature of the position, you can ensure those who accept a contract opportunity understand what is being offered. This eliminates any confusion from the beginning and increases your odds of finding the right candidate for the job.

Screen Candidates Thoroughly

This individual is going to be an integral part of your team and play a role in the company’s success. Unless it gets brought to your attention that your expectations are unreasonable, avoid lowering your standards simply because the candidate will be working in a contract position. Complete all of your standard screening, including reference and background checks, and use the same discerning eye before moving forward. If working with a placement firm, make sure to be upfront and clear about requirements with them as well, to ensure the recruiters are conducting the best search possible.

Have a Robust Onboarding Process

Any new worker, regardless of how long they will be with your company, needs a solid introduction to the workplace and the role. Before the contract employee begins, make sure you have an onboarding plan in place that covers commonly required information. Everything from the location of the breakroom to where they can find important resources to your performance expectations can be covered during this period, ensuring the worker has the information they need to succeed in the role.

Provide Feedback on a Regular Basis

Similarly, you need to make sure your contract employees are provided with feedback on a regular basis. This gives you an opportunity to discuss any issues, creating a mechanism to ensure they are corrected, as well as acknowledge their accomplishments, which can improve morale. Feedback is a critical part of the workplace experience, so do not bypass it simply because the worker is not a permanent staff member.

Could You Use Employees to Help With Seasonal Demand?

If you are interested in learning more about managing seasonal demand with contract employees, the experienced professionals at RealStreet can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled staff members today and see how our expertise can make hiring contract employees this season a breeze.

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