4 Reasons to Connect With Your Team on LinkedIn While On Assignment


When working on contract assignments employees often get exposed to a variety of assignments, team members and managers. Even though the employment is temporary, the work is still completed and the relationships that get established are still real. It’s important not to underestimate the value of these connections. After all, in professional environments it is often about who you know. LinkedIn is the quintessential social media platform for professional networking, including those working in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields, as it enables users to build a robust network and to maintain contact with co-workers and managers you respect, and can even play a role in future job searches.

4 Reasons to Network on LinkedIn During Contract Assignments

Connecting with your team on LinkedIn during a contract assignment is a wise move. Four benefits include:

1. Quick Communication

Outside of work hours, you may have limited options for reaching out to your team. If you don’t have access to their personal phone numbers or email addresses, sending a message through LinkedIn can work in a pinch. A large number of professionals monitor their pages, particularly for messages from their network. By connecting with them, you can communicate with them should the need arise.

2. Information Sharing 

Aside from being a platform for communication, LinkedIn also plays host to a broad selection of articles about anything from job search tips to industry trends. By connecting with your team online, you can easily share interesting information you each come across, helping everyone stay in the know on topics that are mutually relevant.

3. Network Extension

Most professionals have reasonably strong networks of their own. By connecting with your team, you can discover who they are connected to, and possibly use this information to extend your network. Essentially, your connection can allow them to act as an intermediary, potentially landing you a coveted introduction to others working in the field.

4. Future Opportunities

By nature, many contract positions come to an end. However, if you had a successful assignment and made a positive impression with your team, staying in touch on LinkedIn makes it easy for them to contact you about future opportunities. Many architecture, engineering, and construction professionals find new positions through their current contacts, so adding your team to your network can work in your favor.

If you do connect with your team on LinkedIn, make sure to treat the relationship with care. Being bothersome online could harm your reputation at your contract assignment and may cost you future opportunities. Avoid being demanding when seeking out future jobs or asking for introductions.

Connecting with Your Team on LinkedIn

Once you have established a general rapport, it’s perfectly acceptable to reach out on LinkedIn. One option is to look them up and send them a message, letting them know who you are and why you are reaching out. Alternatively, you can discuss connecting on LinkedIn first, and possibly manage it on the spot through your mobile device.

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