Three Things to Consider When Searching for the Best Construction Managers


Having an exceptional construction manager is essential. Without strong leadership projects face significant risks, including sub-par quality, missed deadlines and budget concerns. Here are three critical aspects to consider, when searching for an ideal construction manager.

1. Management Skills

A core function of the role is to serve as a leader, overseeing construction activities and monitoring the team. Effective delegation, schedule management and communication skills are essential to ensuring project goals are met. When evaluating candidates, consider all their management skills,but pay particular attention to what is critical to the role. Look for prior experience leading similarly sized teams or overseeing projects with goals similar to yours. That way, you can effectively determine their potential for success before you extend an offer.

2. Budget Experience

Construction managers typically oversee sizable budgets. If funds are mismanaged, there may not be enough money to successfully compete projects as planned. Look for candidates who have prior experience managing budgets of a relevant size. The precise nature of the experience required may vary and could also include various sub-skills, such as contract negotiation or vendor management.

3. Technical Prowess

Technology has become ingrained in nearly every industry, and construction is no exception. If your company embraces specific technology platforms and solutions, locating a construction manager with prior experience lessens the learning curve associated with taking on a new role. Additionally, this will enable them to derive more value from the available tools, increasing efficiencies as well as the quality of work.

Looking for an Exceptional Construction Manager?

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