The Importance of Looking Back Before Preparing for the Upcoming Calendar Year


With the new year on the horizon, many architecture, engineering and construction professionals set their eyes on the future. However, failing to look back can be detrimental, as it means missing out on a unique opportunity. If you are not sure why you should pause to reflect, here is why good preparation requires a look into the past.

The Importance of Looking Back

While time is divided into one-year increments on calendars, life is more fluid. A person’s career does not experience a division when the year changes. Instead, it is a continuation; a combination of past efforts and future goals.

When you pause to reflect on the past year and your career as a whole, you create an opportunity. You can acknowledge your accomplishments and see how far you have come. You can also identify what was left undone or simply how you have changed over time.

Reflection provides you with a chance to give your architecture, engineering or construction career context. Planning for the future is nearly impossible if you do not acknowledge where you are today and where you were yesterday. You will gain valuable perspective when you recognize missteps or shifts that you do not like as well as when you consider moments of triumph, like overcoming obstacles or acquiring new skills.

While you do not want to dwell on the past, looking back for a moment gives you a chance to learn. You can visualize your mistakes and figure out how to avoid the same issues in the future. Self-confidence can rise when you genuinely see how far you have come over the year, or several years. The process can be both enlightening and inspiring when you take a look back with honest eyes.

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Preparing for the Upcoming Calendar Year

Once you have reflected on your past, planning for the upcoming year is actually easier. You will likely have identified some critical next steps to keep your career moving, discovered areas of interest that you want to explore, and considered how you could improve your performance after learning from your mistakes. Together, this is powerful, especially when you want to keep moving forward.

If your career is not going in the ideal direction, find potential changes that can help you correct your course. If it is moving forward down your preferred path, you can keep going with confidence. Ultimately, reflection is the foundation of planning. Without it, you may repeat mistakes, overlook achievements or otherwise choose a direction that will not get you to your ideal destination.

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