Employee Appreciation Ideas That Lead to Massive Productivity and Team Loyalty


How do you show appreciation for your team’s hard work? While a part of you might question why you should thank someone for doing their job, it is important to remember the impact that job satisfaction can have on an employee’s ongoing performance and drive.

Taking a moment to showcase employee appreciation helps the business as well. After all, happier workers are often more productive and willing to go the extra mile. Plus, when employees feel that their contributions are regularly recognized and appreciated, morale tends to improve and loyalties grow.

Three Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Employees’ Hard Work

How you demonstrate your appreciation for your team is important. While any gesture is often appreciated, different approaches can have varying impacts. In the end, you may need to embrace several tactics, allowing you to choose the one that is most meaningful to each employee or appropriate for the situation. If you are not sure where to begin, here are some popular and effective employee appreciation ideas to consider. 

1. A Formal Employee Appreciation Event 

Hosting an event is often an effective way to show appreciation for your employees’ efforts and accomplishments. Something as simple as a luncheon coupled with an awards presentation can be an ideal approach, as it combines free food with public recognition. Plus, if you hold it during work hours, your employees do not have to miss time with their families to attend. This can a done at regular intervals (e.g. annually or quarterly) or after major accomplishments have been made.

2. Recognize Employees Publicly 

A simple but sincere “thank you” or “good work” after a well-completed task is usually sufficient, but it may fall short when larger projects were completed, significant accomplishments were made and if an employee went above and beyond what was expected of them. If an employee has made a major achievement, recognize them using a public platform. A team meeting is often an adequate venue to make this type of announcement. Showcasing the employee in a monthly newsletter or on the company’s social media page is a great option as well, particularly if your team member is more introverted or uncomfortable in front of large groups. 

3. Offer Custom Rewards 

A little personalization can make any gift or perk more meaningful. This does not mean that you need to provide a monogrammed gift (though it could). Instead, it involves selecting a reward that is particularly meaningful to the receiving employee. 

A gift card to the employee’s favorite restaurant shows that you not only appreciate them, but also that you know them. If that level of personalizion is not possible to determine beforehand, there are still ways to make it work. One way is to a choice between a few pre-selected options (of equal value). Alternatively, you could offer an award that the employee can customize. For example, you could offer a paid day off, possibly with a particular amount that can be expensed. It may be prudent to caveat this reward to ensure it is not used in undesired way, but it will surely be appreciated. This way, your employees can spend their time off doing something they really enjoy.

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