Attracting New Grads to Your Company


More than 75,000 people applied to work at Google in just one week back in February 2011 (according to many of them new or soon-to-be-new college graduates (Google even has a “student site” for new grads to learn more about career opportunities at the company).

But you’re no Google. You’re no Nike or Accenture, either You have no “brand name” to attract new graduates.

So how can you become more attractive to the newly-hatched college grad? Read below for some tips.

Remember back when you had just graduated college? Remember what you were looking for in your first career position? Weren’t the things you sought something along the lines of

  • work variety,
  • potential for career growth,
  • training and education opportunities, and
  • interesting and fun colleagues?

Today’s grads are not much different. One thing they may look for that you may not have, however, is a work/life balance. Today’s grads are more concerned with “having a life” than high salaries (although they do want to make enough to pay off those student loans, save for the future and have a bit of fun).  In fact, new grads tend to say they’re more interested in your company’s ethics as well as training/educational opportunities than in benefits and salary.

Take a look at career growth ladders. Do you promote from within? Do you have a mentoring program? Do you nurture employees and help them become all they can be in their positions?

It can be tough to go from the days of sleeping in until 8, staying up until 2 in the morning, having three hours for a lunch break and not having to worry about getting to the dry cleaners before it closest at 6 p.m.

Help new grads acclimate to the world of work by possibly offering flex time schedules, delivery services for dry cleaning, an on-site gym, etc. Whatever can make a new grad’s – or even a seasoned employee’s – life a little easier.

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Guy Frearson, PMP, Associate Vice President

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