Three Key Tips for Communicating Company Strategy to Your Team


For a company strategy to be effective, your employees need to be aware of it. This ensures everyone is aligned with the same goals, focusing their efforts appropriately to make reaching critical objectives possible and shaping a portion of the organization’s culture. To make sure that all employees are on the same page, communication is vital.

Communicating Company Strategy to Your Team

Effective communication often features specific hallmarks. By focusing on the facets of strong communication, you increase the odds that your message will be genuinely received. Here are three tips to get started.

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1. Focus on Clarity

For a strategy to be communicated effectively, it needs to be clearly defined. Employees should be able to easily see how it aligns with the company’s mission, vision, and core values, as well as how they can play a role in implementing the strategy. If the points are too ambiguous or do not seem to coincide with larger goals, confusion is inevitable. Take the time to truly hash out what the new strategy means in advance and then strive to articulate it in a manner that is digestible by the masses.

2. Never Underestimate Engagement

In many cases, a company’s strategy is a dry subject. Often, it involves highly technical concepts, so it is not going to be a naturally exciting topic for many of your employees. However, if you deliver the message in an engaging way, you can improve how the information is received.

When you discuss the company strategy, try to find a way to make the information enticing. Often, this means going beyond standard communication methods, like email, and embracing options that are more stimulating, such as images and video.

Similarly, giving employees a chance to chime in on the topic can increase engagement, particularly if you frame it as an invitation for open dialog. This allows them to get involved more directly. Plus, it creates an opportunity for questions to be asked, enabling those who need more clarity a method for getting what they require.

3. Utilize a Reinforcement Cycle

After the initial message is delivered, there is still more work to be done. Reinforcing the concept repeatedly ensures that the company strategy remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind, making it a critical step in the communication process. Work various points into a variety of paradigms, such as company meetings, newsletters, or social media posts. Over time, this helps ingrain the strategy into your culture.

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