How to Prove Your Value in the Workplace


As an architecture, engineering, or construction professional, it is easy to think that your work is a clear demonstration of your value. However, it relies on a point that is not always true; that your manager has visibility over all of your accomplishments. Plus, you are counting on the notion that your manager is also actively tracking your achievements over time, and that might not be the case either.

Three Tips to Present Your Merit as a Professional

Whether you are aiming for a raise or a promotion, or you are thinking about making a career transition, you often need to prove yourself. This requires you to act as your own advocate. Do not assume that those who oversee your work have direct knowledge of your accomplishments. While this may sound challenging, it is often less complex than one would believe. Here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Communicate Regularly

One of the fastest ways to enhance your visibility is to communicate regularly with your manager. Let them know what you are actively working on, what is coming down the pipe, any milestones you reach, and similar details that showcase your progress. Often, this can be done in a weekly update email using just a few bullet points or a quick catch-up meeting that allows you to touch base.

By communicating regularly, you do more than keep your manager apprised of your work. You also create opportunities for them (and you) to ask questions or gather more information. Additionally, it helps you craft a closer professional relationship, which can certainly benefit you when you seek out a raise or promotion.

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2. Track Your Achievements

If there are any metrics that are considered critical to your architecture, engineering, or construction role, such as those listed in job descriptions or on your performance reviews, start tracking them yourself. Actively track any major accomplishments, such as the results of completed projects, cost-savings ventures, or other activities that had a significant impact.

If you continually meet or exceed expectations, these metrics give you a method of showcasing your value with relative ease. Just make sure to keep any supporting evidence, as being able to produce additional documentation usually only makes your case stronger. This could be helpful information during periodic reviews or when vying for a promotion.

Consider starting a spreadsheet that contains notes on your accomplishments. Include the date or time period it occurred and a brief synopsis. Make sure scope as clear as well as important quantifiable details.  Place that spreadsheet in a folder on a computer, and then add copies of any supporting documents into that file. This gives you a centralized location for any “evidence” of your value, ensuring you can pull the information together when necessary.

3. Update Your Resume & Professional Profiles

Regularly update your resume and professional profiles on social media with significant on-the-job achievements. It will ensure recruiters and hiring managers see your professional progress and will keep you top of mind as new opportunities become available. Furthermore, it will ensure you are always prepared for a job search. If considering new roles, tailor your resume and profiles to the types of positions you are interested in. Put more emphasis on achievements that are related to the role to ensure relevant content doesn’t get lost in the details.

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