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Showing Appreciation: Going Beyond the Obvious


If you are a human resources manager, you naturally rely on a lot of people in your organization to get things done. And it’s natural to show your gratitude to people who have helped you. But when it comes to showing appreciation, business consultants caution that you should look beyond the obvious people to those Read more »

Increasing Employee Engagement


With the uncertainty in the economy, and companies demanding more and more from their workers, employee engagement with their jobs has sunk lower and lower. Business analysts say that to keep your company productive, you need to have employees that are engaged with their jobs. The experts offered a number of ways to build and Read more »

Sustainability in the Workplace


A number of business experts argue that human resource departments need to take the lead in implementing sustainability programs for their companies. Human resource departments are best positioned to spearhead this type of initiative, they say. Sustainability generally refers to the efforts made to enhance quality of life for employees, society in general and making Read more »

Human Resources as a Company’s Change Agent


According to consultant Brad Power, human resources can and should be an integral part of the change and improvement at a company. Power lists a number of ways that human resources can do this. One important way that a company’s human resources department can drive change is through the hiring process, making it clear to Read more »

Your Company as a “Neighborhood”


As a human resources specialist, one of your responsibilities is working with procedures and policies that pertain to corporate culture, the values and goals of the company and how they can be best achieved by employees. In doing this, human resources should lead the way in fostering the idea of the company as a neighborhood, Read more »

How to Fill Hard-to-Fill Positions


If you work in human resources, you know that even in this depressed economy, you have open positions that are hard to fill. It’s no secret that these jobs are in technical areas, areas that demand a high degree of education and expertise – engineering, IT and healthcare. The fact is that for these areas Read more »

Business Philanthropy During Hard Times


With the recession — and layoffs – a company’s morale and reputation can suffer. Adverse public relations also can dampen morale. If a company’s reputation is being attacked, it makes it more difficult for employees to do their jobs and it makes it harder for companies to attract the best workers. During the recession, employee Read more »

When It’s Better to Talk Than to Send an E-mail


If you are in human resources, you probably use e-mail a lot, for all kinds of transactions. It is easy and fast, and it has been responsible for jumps in productivity. But we can rely on e-mail too much. It has drawbacks. Sometimes, it’s better to pick up the telephone, or have a face-to-face conversation, Read more »

Job Candidates Are Not Always Their Social Media Postings


Now that social media has gained a real prominence in our society and in the workplace, employers are using it more and more to check out job candidates. Career counselors are telling those looking for jobs to be careful regarding what they put on their Facebook pages or what they tweet on Twitter because potential Read more »

Temporary Workers and Employer Liability


One of the regulatory traps that businesses sometimes fall into when they use staffing services is the employment classification of contingent workers. Many times a business that uses contingent workers from a staffing firm takes on certain responsibilities for the workers, responsibilities usually associated with “regular” employment. By doing this, the company allows itself to Read more »

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