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Looking for a job is an arduous and time-consuming process. It takes a lot of effort. But when that effort begins to pay off, remember the work is not done until you have a definite job offer in hand. That means don’t slack off too soon – follow through with all the details.

You may think your work is done after going through the interview process, but following through after the interview is just as important to increase the odds of your getting the job.

The follow through process actually begins during the interview. Get the business cards of the people you talk to so that you have accurate contact information for your follow up note. Also, during the interview, ask when you can expect to hear from the company about its job search. This puts the ball in the hiring manager’s court, creating the expectation that there will be a response, and creating the opportunity for further communication.

Then follow through with a thank you note as soon as you can, using the contact information you have from the business cards. Today, an e-mail message usually is the most appropriate form to use. In the note, you can re-emphasize any points you feel need to be highlighted, and also add any information you  forgot to mention during the interview.

If you have been working through a staffing agency, get in touch with the recruiter to discuss the interview and how it went and to figure what to do next. The interviewer at the company will expect the recruiter to get in touch, and so if you have met and talked with the recruiter, he or she will be in a good position to sell you to the interviewer and provide any additional information.

One thing to avoid, however, is a follow up phone call, as this may appear to be an unnecessary intrusion into the busy schedule of the interviewer. But, if the interviewer told you that you would be contacted by a certain time, and that has not happened, then a call may be appropriate.

And finally, if you need help punching up your résumé and marketing your skills, many staffing agencies offer career services to help you.

RealStreet Staffing, in fact, will be happy to help you craft a great résumé. Contact us today so that we can get to work on creating a document that sells your skills and experience to employers in the Washington Metro area. We look forward to hearing from you!

The RealStreet folks are always helpful. They were instrumental in landing me a rewarding FEMA assignment in Southern California.

KC Green

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