Communication Breakdown: Are Your Employees Failing to Understand You?


Businesses are conglomerates of unique individuals. While your employees are all working towards the same overall company goals, they each come from different backgrounds, have varying strengths and experiences, and have their own ambitions, personalities and work-styles. Consequently, getting everyone on the same page — and staying there — can be a challenge.

If it seems as though conversations with your employees are lost in translation, address the issues and bridge the gap. When ignored, communication issues can spiral out of control, impacting both your bottom line and your retention rates. RealStreet — one of the most trusted architecture, engineering and construction employment companies — understands the importance of effective communication. Use these strategies to get back in touch with your employees.

Four Tips to Tackling Communication Issues with Your Staff

1. Ensure People Feel Comfortable Asking Questions

Your employees need to be able to come to you with questions and concerns. However, they might hesitate to do this if you appear inapproachable or if you tend to snap at or belittle them. Try to be more cognizant of your words and actions, as you might be unaware of your attitude. Make a concerted effort to improve your attitude.

2. Clearly Articulate Your Expectations

Your employees are not mind-readers. When you assign a project, you know your desired outcome; however, don’t assume your employees are in the loop. It’s always better to provide too much information than not enough, so circle back to make sure your directions were fully understood. Failing to do so can waste a lot of time and money.

3. Make Time for Your Employees

As the boss, you certainly have a busy schedule, but you need to make time for your team. Disconnects happen when you rarely have time to meet with them face to face, let alone respond to their emails. Delegate some of the tasks keeping you off the grid to your employees so you have more time focus on them.

4. Choose the Right Medium for the Message

Everyone has their own way of processing information. Some people are verbal communicators, while others prefer written correspondence. Take note of each employee’s preferred communication style and use this to relay important messages. When you speak their preferred language, they’ll have a better understanding of what you want, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.

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