How to Onboard New Employees Into Your Workforce


Hiring new employees is an exciting yet uncertain time. Whether you’re leasing a variety of construction management professionals or hiring a lead architect, adding the right talent to your team is an important aspect of business success. Furthermore, you do not want to invest time and energy sourcing the right candidates only to lose them soon after they start. Ensure your efforts throughout the hiring process are not wasted by making sure new employees feel welcome and supported from day one.

5 Tips to Onboard New Employees Into Your Team

1. Prepare for Their Arrival

Make new hires feel appreciated by being prepared for their first day. Create a work space for them and ensure everything is in working order before they begin. Additionally, send an email to the team introducing them and informing every one of their start date, position and contact information.

2. Provide Proper Training

No matter how experienced new hires are, you cannot expect them to hit the ground running without training. In addition to your company’s standard orientation, create a training plan specific to the job. Organize it into a 30-60-90-day program with precise objectives that clearly define your expectations.

3. Assign a Mentor

Adjusting to a new company takes time, so ease the transition by pairing new hires with a long-term employee who can show them the ropes. Not only can this person answer job-related questions, they can help them get acquainted with the team and find their way around the office.

4. Plan a Welcome Activity

Let new employees know that you are excited to have them on-board by planning a welcome lunch or happy hour to celebrate their arrival. Make the setting more relaxed by holding the event away from the office, so they can let their guard down a bit and get to know the team on a more personal level.

5. Check In Often

New hires often feel uncomfortable going to their boss with questions and concerns. Stop by their desk regularly to see how things are going and find out if they need anything. Knowing the boss cares and wants to help means a lot to new hires (and seasoned employees alike).

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Kevin T. Fitzpatrick, PMP, Peer Review Program Manager

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