Why is RealStreet the Right Choice?


Filling open architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) positions can take a great deal of time and energy. Ease your efforts by joining forces with RealStreet! With exclusive industry focus, extensive recruiting and AEC experience and a plethora proven processes, we have the resources needed to find top talent fast!

Five Benefits of Partnering With RealStreet Before Your Next Project!

1. Secure Top Talent

If you want to get to the top of the construction industry, you have to hire the best. Our proven sourcing, screening and top-grading processes effectively identify top talent and match them to your requirements. Hire with confidence, knowing we only present you with the top 10 percent of available candidates.

2. Fill Openings Faster

Our team understands that in the AEC industry, time is money. We can decrease your time-to-fill. Not only do we have the a pool of highly skilled candidates, but also the resources needed to efficiently source and identify true-match candidates.

3. Lower Payroll Costs

Wish you could reduce overhead? Leased individuals are hired by RealStreet and contracted to perform work. While you maintain management control over the employee and their work, we provide talent management services, such as payroll and benefits.

4. Scale Your Team to Fit Changing Needs

Your requirements change depending on the project. Both the number of people and the specialized talent needed fluctuate, so we offer flexible staffing and employee leasing services to ensure you always have the right people on staff. There’s no need to pay salaries for employees you don’t need on a certain project, and when you team up with us, you don’t have to.

5. Meet Project Deadlines and Budgets

Clients become dissatisfied when projects take longer than expected or cost more than anticipated. Stay within scope by having the right individuals on board at the right time.  If you need to increase or decrease the size of your team to meet a deadline without going into overtime, simply make the call. Our flexible employee leasing solutions allow you to scale your workforce as needed achieve your project goals!

Leave Your Hiring to RealStreet

Top architecture, engineering, and construction talent can be hard to find, but RealStreet knows just where to look. Allow us to connect you with the industry-leading lease, lease-to-hire and direct hire professionals who will make your team stronger than ever. Reach out today to learn more!

As the Project Director on the 495 Express Lanes Mega Project we encounter the need of services of many disciplines of workers, from administrative, human resources, designers, project control experts and engineering. RealStreet Staffing was always able to supply our team with capable and experienced personnel on a very short notice.This contributed significantly to our Read More…

Mitchell Lester, Project Director 495 Express Lanes

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