How to Determine Whether You are a Good Match for a Company’s Culture


When interviewing for a new job, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, trying to say all the right things in order to impress the hiring manager. However, you are interviewing the company too. Even when a job seems perfect, it’s important to determine whether the company is a good cultural fit as well.

4 Ways to Gauge if a Company’s Culture is a Good Fit

On paper, a job opening may seem like a dream come true, but if your beliefs, values and habits do not align with that of your new colleagues and managers, you could be back to where you started in no time at all. Use the following four tips to help gauge a company’s culture before accepting the job.

1. Ask Questions

While it’s wise to ask an interviewer to describe their company culture, don’t stop at the surface. Dig deeper in order to draw your own conclusions. Ask questions that will provide insights on the shared values and practices of the organization, as this will provide details needed to truly determine a cultural match.

2. Conduct Online Research

Finding information on a company is easy when you have the Internet in your corner. Review the company’s website and social presence. Read the company’s posts and interactions to gain valuable insights on what work life might be like and how engaged current employees are. Do not rely solely on online reviews, as people are often more inclined to leave feedback when they are upset. Instead, note issues and tactfully bring them up during the interview. It will allow the company to provide another side of the story and will show the interviewer that you did your homework.

3. Look for Subtle Clues

During the interview, scrutinize your surroundings as they can be telling. Observe whether most employees have cubicles with high walls or if the office has an open layout. Are co-workers interacting with one another? Note if employees seem happy and whether they appear stressed or relaxed. Clues like this may seem small, but when pieced together can give you a pretty accurate picture of company culture.

4. Figure Out What You Want

Now that you’ve competed your due diligence, it’s time to figure out what you want. Consider what motivates you, makes you happy and the type of work-life balance you need. Use this to make a well-informed decision on whether or not the company is a good fit for you.

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