Minor Attitude Adjustments From Management Can Have a Major Impact On Their Teams


Whether good or bad, a manager’s attitude is often highly contagious. Sometimes it’s an unconscious shift of mindsets. However, it’s also because employees adopt similar mentalities and mannerisms, believing that they are not just accepted in the company, but welcomed.

An employee’s interactions with their manager could directly impact job satisfaction as well. If they predominantly perceive the relationship negatively, their attitude is likely to suffer. Once morale drops, productivity is likely to follow suit. Whenever a manager’s attitude is less than ideal, their team is likely to struggle as well.

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Three Ways Managers Can Make Small Attitude Adjustments and Become a More Positive Influence on Their Teams

Even small attitude adjustments can have a large impact on your team. It might not be instantaneous, but as your attitudes shift, (and remain relatively consistent) theirs will gradually follow suit. Overtime, your new attitude will influence your employees to act differently, simply because you are handling issues and conversations in a different fashion. However, one of the most noticeable and wide-reaching impacts, is an overall increase in morale.

While an attitude adjustment might take a little effort on your part, if you are looking for a way to boost your team’s productivity, it might be worth the inconvenience. Plus, when it comes down to it, what do you have to lose? Consider the following three tips to get started.

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1. Choose to Look for the Positive in Any Situation

While an situation might seem negative, look for the positive. No matter how difficult or challenging, there is always something beneficial, though you may have to look hard for it. In the absolute worst case, even the poorest outcome is at least learning opportunity.

By looking for the positive in each scenario, you can maintain a better attitude. It will allow you to gain a different perspective and enable you to see the value, including points that a more negatively-oriented person may miss. As a result, you can help your team learn from the past and progress forward.

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2. Express Your Gratitude Openly and Often

Letting your employees know that you appreciate their efforts can help you project a positive attitude. Even though you know how hard they have been working and appreciate their contributions, keeping it to yourself can make you seem ungrateful, even if that is not the case. Plus, it ensures that you are balancing negative feedback with positive points. Otherwise the environment may be perceived as critical or even toxic.

As you adopt a gratitude mindset and start sharing your thoughts, you will likely see a shift in your team’s attitude as well. Not only are they more likely to become more productive, but also more willing to go the extra mile since they know that you will appreciate their efforts.

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3. Avoid Complaining

Complaining about an issue to your team is rarely productive. Usually, you are not offering constructive feedback. Instead, you are dwelling in the negative and giving it additional power by focusing on it explicitly.

While this does not mean you can’t provide negative feedback, it does require you to also focus on constructive points. Describe the issue and then quickly adopt a problem-solving mindset. Additionally, get your team involved in finding a resolution, listening to their thoughts and considering them as you work together to remedy the issue.

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