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Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job!


Congratulations! After submitting resumes and cover letters, you receive a call from company regarding a dream job and they want to interview you! While competition in the marketplace is strong, the interview is the perfect opportunity to outshine the other applicants and show the employer why you are the best fit for the job. Here Read more »

Set the Right Tone for Your Employees in the Second Half of the Year


With the first half of the year over, many architecture, engineering and construction managers are reviewing objectives and using results to shape future actions. While examining metrics is a must, setting the proper tone for your employees is also vital. Otherwise, motivation and morale may suffer, harming future productivity. Three Tips to Set the Tone Read more »

The Benefits of Employees Using Their Paid Time Off!


While Paid Time Off (PTO) is part of a company’s compensation package, not all employees take full advantage of the benefit. In fact, a 2019 study by the U.S. Travel Association found that 768 million days went unused, 236 million of which were forfeited completely! Without thinking it through, you might think that’s great, my employees are working hard Read more »

Mid-Year Check-In: Are You On Track to Attain Your Yearly Goals?


While it might seem like yesterday when you sat down and strategized for the year to come, we are already halfway through the year! Do you know whether you and your team are on track? Use this mid-point as an opportunity to review your team’s progress. Four Steps to Conduct a Mid-Year Checkpoint Audit Avoid falling short Read more »

Keep Your Projects on Track this Summer with Employee Leasing!


In the architecture, engineering and construction industry, the changing seasons lead to fluctuating workforce needs. While the summer season typically brings an influx in building activities, it is also a time that employees enjoy taking time off to enjoy the warmer weather. This workforce challenge occurs every year, and it could easily be avoided with Read more »

Exhibiting Confidence in Job Interviews


When you are trying to land a new architecture, engineering or construction position, appearing confident during the interview is important. When you seem self-assured, the hiring manager will have more confidence in your capabilities. In contrast, if your responses are tinged with doubt or if you come off as anxious, the hiring manager may question Read more »

Are You Making a Positive First Impression When Meeting Hiring Managers?


It can be tough to bounce back from a poor first impression, regardless of the situation. However, when interviewing for a new job, the impact could directly impact your chances to move forward in the process. After all, competition for good jobs is fierce, and hiring managers use interviews to narrow their options down to Read more »

After a string of failures trying to find the right person on our own, RealStreet came through for us. The first person they recommended was the person we’d been looking for all along. It doesn’t get better than that.

Joshua A. Woolley

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