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How Keeping a Work Diary Will Help Your Career


Keeping a diary is ordinarily not something we associate with a work strategy, but recording daily thoughts and events can actually help in providing focus to what we are doing, in giving us more patience, in providing ideas to help with planning, and in helping with personal growth. At first, keeping a diary may seem Read more »

What a Chamber Orchestra Can Teach Us About Leadership and Career Satisfaction


In the world of classical music, orchestra musicians are notoriously unhappy – with a job satisfaction lower than that of a prison guard.  While at the same time, the people at the top of the job satisfaction ladder are chamber orchestra musicians. It is this dichotomy that has important lessons for everyone on how to Read more »

Gender Stereotyping in the Workplace


A recent study has shown that the way managers are viewed is likely to change in the future as more women move into management positions. Currently, only about two percent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women.  And so when most people think of leaders, they envision a male in the position.  But Read more »

Money and Happiness: It Really Is All Relative


Can money buy happiness? Some people believe it can. Yet more and more research is finding that…it depends. Researchers are finding that several factors affect how money affects happiness. These factors include important things such as if a person lives in an industrialized or third-world nation. Other factors are what people spend money on, as Read more »

Sleep for Optimum Productivity


There are many things in life you can give up that aren’t very beneficial: fatty foods, sweets, or a sedentary lifestyle. However, if you cut down on the amount of sleep you get every night you are setting yourself up for some tough times. We all need a sufficient amount of sleep to function at Read more »

How to Handle the Office Party


The office party.  It’s meant to help boost morale and help people get to know each other better.  But it can also present challenges – a tricky maze to navigate. What workers should always keep in mind about the office party is that it is another aspect of the workplace, and they should act with Read more »

Market for Online Learning Growing


The market for online learning —  where users go at their own pace and on their own schedule — has been growing constantly, led by the corporate sector, one of the top users of online training.  Small- and medium-size businesses also are using online training much more than in the past. According to a recent Read more »

Health and the Workplace


According to a recent survey on employee health, workers could do more at work to eat better and be more active, while employers could improve workers’ health by doing more to encourage healthy lifestyles. The issue has become important because about three-fourths of Americans will be overweight by 2015, according to healthcare experts. And the Read more »

Changing Careers


Taking on a new career path is more prevalent now than in the past.  Different reasons have been given for this – the rise technology, the pace of change.  The days when someone spent their entire career at one company or in one job are certainly becoming less common. People change jobs for many reasons.  Read more »

Creating a New Year’s Career Resolution and Following Through


With the new year just begun, many people may have made a career resolution or two: “This year, I’ll get at least a five percent raise.” “This year, I’ll go to my boss before June and ask for a promotion.” And, while these certainly can be worthwhile plans, resolutions of any type too often  fall Read more »

I had the pleasure of partnering with RealStreet Staffing in filling a permanent project manager position. The entire team at RealStreet listened to my needs, communicated effectively, and worked to find qualified candidates. We achieved a successful outcome and I look forward to working with RealStreet in the future.

Steven Z. Cratin, VP Asset Management

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