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Temporary Employee Benefits


For many of those who are looking at staffing services to find work, an important consideration is the kind of benefits they offer. Many staffing firms offer a variety of benefits, including health insurance, as a way to recruit and keep workers. One international staffing service, for example, offers up to five different healthcare plans Read more »

Preparing for Life After Work


In today’s super competitive business arena, even those who are considered giants of their industry are no longer considered to be in a safe position – and sometimes are even the first to be relieved of duty. For many senior executives, the time when they will be eased out the door is approaching – and Read more »

Made a Mistake? Here’s What to Do


Sooner or later, every person in a position of leadership is going to make a mistake, one that will also entail the obligation of an apology.  We’re only human. It might involve a snafu on the job, some action that was taken or not taken, or something that was said that shouldn’t have been.  Once Read more »

Seven Steps to Mental Well Being


We have lots of ways of measuring our physical well being that help us determine when our bodies are healthy and when we are pushing them too much.  But what we don’t have is a good measure of our mental well being, and it’s something we need because we’re pushing ourselves like never before.  We Read more »

It’s True: Nap at Work and Be More Productive!


If you were upset at hearing about air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, you shouldn’t be, according to Tony Schwartz, a business consultant.  The problem here is basically biological.  We have evolved to be awake during the day and to sleep at night.  The later it gets, the more tired we become.  Some Read more »

Managing Yourself to Greater Success


One of the most vexing things for otherwise talented and ambitious business professionals is when they fail to reach their full capabilities, when they are less productive than they could be. Often this is because they are reluctant to take on new challenges and new ventures, preoccupied with the worry that their performance in this Read more »

How Keeping a Work Diary Will Help Your Career


Keeping a diary is ordinarily not something we associate with a work strategy, but recording daily thoughts and events can actually help in providing focus to what we are doing, in giving us more patience, in providing ideas to help with planning, and in helping with personal growth. At first, keeping a diary may seem Read more »

What a Chamber Orchestra Can Teach Us About Leadership and Career Satisfaction


In the world of classical music, orchestra musicians are notoriously unhappy – with a job satisfaction lower than that of a prison guard.  While at the same time, the people at the top of the job satisfaction ladder are chamber orchestra musicians. It is this dichotomy that has important lessons for everyone on how to Read more »

Gender Stereotyping in the Workplace


A recent study has shown that the way managers are viewed is likely to change in the future as more women move into management positions. Currently, only about two percent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women.  And so when most people think of leaders, they envision a male in the position.  But Read more »

Money and Happiness: It Really Is All Relative


Can money buy happiness? Some people believe it can. Yet more and more research is finding that…it depends. Researchers are finding that several factors affect how money affects happiness. These factors include important things such as if a person lives in an industrialized or third-world nation. Other factors are what people spend money on, as Read more »

We have used the services of RealStreet on a Joint Venture contract for over three years for our government client, and I have personally found RealStreet’s level of support and professionalism to be among the highest in the industry. The people they have provided to us have been high quality as well. They do the Read More…

Joseph J. Sacco, AIA, Program Principal

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